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    Jul 2007
    My dog just passed away today. I am still mourning his death because he had been a loyal guard dog to us. I don't think I will ever love a dog again as much as I loved my Boomer. I never thought that he would pass away so soon. He just turned 5 this year and he was very healthy before getting ill. I honestly thought he'd grow as old as 12 like my previous dogs.

    The thought of getting a new dog breaks my heart but I know that I won't feel safe until I get a new dog. I was looking through buy and sell and I would like to ask your advice as to how young (months) the most ideal age is to get a puppy. Mostly they sell puppies at 2 mos but isn't that still high risk for the puppy to get sick? Also, should I be wary if an owner is selling dogs that are more than a year old already or those that are too cheap. Should I also consider those that advertise without giving out a landline?

    Here are some of the dogs I am considering:

    Beagle - P5,000 - F - One year
    Dachshund - P3,500 - F - 6 mos w/ shots dewormed
    Dachshund - P3,000 - M - 3 mos. Dewormed. No Papers.
    Golden Retriever - P5,000 - M - 6 mos w/shots and papers
    Golden Retriever - P6,000 - M - 2.5 mos w/shots
    Jack Russell - P7,000 - M - 2 mos
    Labrador - P4,500 - 2 mos
    Labrador - P6,000 - M/F - 2 mos

    I would also appreciate advice on when I should have the dog taken to the vet for shots. If you know of any reputable breeders from the Paranaque or Makati area please let me know. I am also considering getting a rott but I don't like the choices in buy and sell. If any of the tsikoteers have newly born mongrels, would you be kind enough to sell me a puppy?

    Lastly, please pray for my dog that he would have a safe journey to dog heaven. He will be missed.
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    Aug 2008
    Why not adopt instead? That save you save a dog from being euthanized. Go to PAWS website.

    All those sellers from buy and sell are mostly backyard breeders. Owners who don't care after the animal's welfare. They're into profits most of the time.

    Try here.

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    Oct 2002
    i feel for you, my dog of 14 years, a husky also passed away last july, i still have not found the courage to get a new dog. but if you were to select a good guard dog as well as a companion, i'd suggest you get a labrador. hope you will love your new dog like the love you gave boomer.

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    May 2006
    Sorry for your loss. Dog Lover here too.

    My best bets for you are first the Labrador, then the Beagle and J Russel. A Lab isn't really hard to take care of and makes a great and loyal companion.

    I've had a Golden before. They are a highly energetic breed with so much pulling power even for a big guy like me. It sheds so much hair it becomes a nuisance from day one believe me. They have that distinct doggie smell which can be offensive if you don't fancy the required weekly baths. Things go flying (including little children) whenever they are in play mode which is usually 23 hours a day.

    A Rott for you? Consider passing. Although they do have medium temperament, they could turn on you like what happened to our relative. Plus they drool thick saliva. Constantly.

    The Dachshund is a good indoor house dog. But I'd recommend a guard dog for you to take with on long strolls or to the gym.

    The reason why I like Beagles is that they are short haired and barely sheds any. Good to excellent temperament with playful instincts make it instantly lovable. Floppy ears are a joy to touch.

    Good Luck


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