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    Oct 2002
    Ako after Vince showed me the beheading of Berg, I literally became super paranoid and "scared"... I'm by no means a queasy (sp?) person, I usually dont mind watching surgery channels (in the US), looking at homicide pics, etc... But after Vince showed me the beheading video, parang everytime I see a head, neck and terorrist looking individuals, it plays in my mind and makes my head float.

    If you haven't seen that video, I suggest you don't.

    I didn't find it gross or stomach turning, but it scared the $hit out of me until now...

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    Jun 2004

    are u referring to the american? or korean?

    I have seen a clip of the korean beheading....

    one word: DISTURBING

    I totally agree with you!
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    Oct 2002
    yung umikot dati na video (with audio) sa email. yung sinaksak yung russian soldier sa leeg with an army knife (yung parang kay rambo) tapos you can hear him literally drowning in his own blood. tapo tinuluyan na pinugutan siya ng ulo. DISTURBING and nakakapraning talaga!

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    Jan 1970
    Napanood ko din yung kay Nicholas Berg, what made it distressing din for me was knowing that the guy sitting there only has a few more seconds to live and he doesnt even know it. Para talagang baboy led to the slaughter.

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    Oct 2002
    ako din...iba feeling ko nung napanood ko yun..

    buti sana yung pagpugot eh one chop lang, kaso nilalagare.. ANAK NG...kakapraning sobra.

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    Mar 2003
    try niyo itong website na ito kung gusto niyo pang makakita ng mga ganyang videos.

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    Jan 1970
    Sa Iraq documentary ni Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 911), may isang scene ng public execution sa Saudi Arabia yata, may nakaluhod tapos may sword yung executioner, it took two blows bago na execute, buti na lang medyo malayo yung camera pero cleary visible pa din.

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    Jul 2004
    i just got an email a few days ago of pictures of suicide bombers in israel taken AFTER their bombs went off. it was really gruesome.

    in some pics, all you could see was just some heads left on the streets. others had half their bodies blown away

    eerie :speechles

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    Nov 2002
    Just reading your posts makes me puke. Ibang klase ng tyan siguro meron ang mga taong yan. Nakapanood na rin ako ng mga ganyang scenario.. Banned from Television..kadiri.

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    Oct 2002
    Yung napanood ko sa ABS CBN yung beheading done by abusayyaf.. gamit yung bolo.

    Pati yung nicolas Berg beheading... afte reading it nalungkot na lang ako tapos tayo balahibo ko nun..

    tsk tsk tsk.. nakakapanghina panoorin. For me it's not eh gruesome factor but the fact na binawian ng buhay isang tao na parang hayop lang that really made it all so sad

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