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    Oct 2002
    He has driven in the toughest and fastest racetracks of the world. Yet Jenson Button, a rising star in the high-speed firmament of Formula One car racing, wouldnít dare drive in Metro Manila.

    Especially on Fridays.

    Button, who is here to serve his last duties for the Mild Seven Renault F1 team this year, had his first taste of this countryís pathetic traffic condition when he was taken to the Makati ShangriLa hotel from the airport upon his arrival last Friday night.

    Having rained earlier in the afternoon, the stretch of EDSA from Pasay City to Makati City that night was turned into a virtual parking lot with thousands of cars lined up bumper to bumper and moving at a pace of about five feet a minute.

    Buttonís police escorts had anticipated the gridlock. To get him to his hotel fast, the two motorcycle-riding cops led the white Ford E150 van Button was riding against oncoming traffic several times. First they countered the flow along Airport Road going to EDSA and again going through a one-way street on the way to Pasong Tamo and Pasay Road.

    "Oh my God! I canít believe it. That car was going straight at us. Unbelievable!" he exclaimed, pointing at a silver gray Honda Civic that never gave an inch to the approaching van as it weaved through traffic along Tramo street.

    The young Button, only 22 years old and a native of Sommerset, England, has been driving all his life. He started on a small motorcycle at seven and jumped to a kart at eight. He has conquered all racing events in Europe open to his age and has risen to become Great Britainís youngest ever Formula One driver and the youngest ever driver in F1 history to score a point.

    Yet despite his impressive credentials, Button confessed that he flunked the driverís licensure test the first time he took it.

    The experience along Airport Road reminded him of that day he flunked the test. "I was 17 then and I passed this slow-moving car. There was a car coming on my direction and I saw that there was enough room for me to pass. But the car hit the kerb (sidewalk). It was actually the fault of the driver of that car, but the examiner flunked me," he said.

    From that day on, Button always did thing the right way. "I wouldnít dare drive here," he said matter-of-factly. "I would surely be scared."

    Button arrived on an Air France flight from Paris to attend the "XLR8: The Mild Seven F1 Experience" event at The Fort in Fort Bonifacio Global City yesterday.

    He flew in wearing a pair of jeans, a green t-shirt, brown leather jacket and a blue Mild Seven F1 cap with his signature and race number (15).

    Button was excited to visit Manila, "having heard so many things about the Philippines from friends and relatives in London." He never felt afraid of the peace and order situation. AAnd for one, I love to obviously different places and different culture," he said.

    Button was definitely observing everything on the road throughout the 30-minute trip from the airport to the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, He inquired about the stranded passengers on the road. And he turned his head sharply when he saw the jeepney. "What was that? And what is that man doing?" he asked pointing to a "sabit" or a man hanging from the door of the vehicle.

    On the way to Pasong Tamo through a one-way street, Jenson shook his head. "Are we going on a one-way road?" he asked. Nobody in the van answered so he repeated his query, this time in a louder voice. "Are we going on a one-way road?" "Yes, Jenson. Why?" asked this writer. ?Fantastic.

    "This is my first time to go against a one-way road," he yelled back,


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    Oct 2002
    o nga noh hehee.....takot sya sa traffic hehe

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    Oct 2002
    kaya hindi manalo e :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    Hahaha. I'd kill to see him drive through Monday morning rush hour traffic at EDSA. maski tangke pa dalhin nya wala shang laban sa mga dragracing buses, jeepneys at taxis natin!

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    Nov 2002
    ibig sabihin lang nyan iba tlaga ang pinoy driver:mrgreen:

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    Oct 2002
    yung friend ko rito.... nagbakasyon sa Pinas. Prior on his vacation i told him how we drive in Pinas, the taxi, the infamous jeepney & bus driver.

    So after his vacation..... yung 1st line kung narinig ko sa kanya. How did you do that..... then sabi ko ano? Sabi paano kayo hindi na accidente sa daan kung ganon kayong klaseng magmameho at ganon ka scary ang daan..... sabi ko we are simply the best driver in the world, natatawa lang sya at napa-iling :lol:

    BTW, halos narininig ko yung same feedback sa mga 1st timer na bisita jan sa Pinas.

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    Oct 2002
    sigurado kahit si schumacher hindi magddrive dito... an entirely different set of driving skills is required here: expertise sa gitgitan, tantsahan, pag-alam ng shortcuts...

    tingnan natin ano magagawa ni "rain-master" schumi dito sa baha sa atin hehehehe :twisted:

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    Oct 2002
    sigurado kahit si schumacher hindi magddrive dito... an entirely different set of driving skills is required here: expertise sa gitgitan, tantsahan, pag-alam ng shortcuts...

    Well said mbt.......

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    Oct 2002
    Mentality lang nating mga pinoy na magaling tayong magdrive. IMO the right term for Pinoy drivers are reckless driver. Kaya di umaasenso ang Pinas kulang sa disiplina.

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    Oct 2002

    its not something we should be proud of...

    i found it funny at first pero isipin mo nalang kung ano yung impact niyan sa reputation natin...going againt traffic, going into one way traffic like its an everyday thing...

    having unsafe PUV...and many more...

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