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    Aug 2003
    "Shut up you're wasting taxpayer's money"

    ....finally, someone who makes sense. We should elect her into Congress in the next elections

    Hindi nanalo si dinangalen ryt? so huling hirit na nya cguro to(btw i guess now we know why he didn't win)

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    Oct 2002
    Let DIGS speak

    as we allow Joker to jest

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    Oct 2002
    he's just wasting our time... let's get it on with the count!!! another one of those delaying tactics by the opposition huh?

    i think that many of us share the sentiments of the mother-daughter tandem.

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    Oct 2002
    tama si shadow, kung baligtarin natin ang situation.

    nasa administration sila FPJ, then laging umaangal si kiko pangilinan sa kanila sa proceeding, hindi ba ok yun.

    bad trip lang talga itong si digs ang kulit kulit.

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    Jan 2004
    I didn't hear what Dilangalen was saying prior to the "shut up" note so I don't know if he was indeed just delaying the proceedings or making a good point.

    But I think jailing the person is excessive. It's a private note anyway. He just blew his top.

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    Oct 2002
    theme song nya yung sa black eyed peas... "shut up, just shut up, shut up"

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    Apr 2004
    Dilangalen is a master of filibuster and other ways to delay or suspend sessions.

    He succeeded again last night. It's that simple. He made a big issue out of nothing. He must have been laughing on the way home.

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    Feb 2004
    hehehe na "shut the f** up!" si dilangalen hehehe.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by shadow
    freedom of speech, hinde pwede yun sa congress or sa plenary especially if your just a spectator..... and if the congress is in session....
    yes, if you stand up and yell and scream or otherwise disrupt the proceedings. not if you're simply passing notes that can be ignored or disregarded.

    and to be thrown in jail or taken into custody by the police?? that's ridiculous.

    by your logic if i pass a note to a lawyer in a courtroom the judge should throw me in jail for contempt of court...come to think of it, i was told to leave the classroom once in elementary school for passing notes. baka yun ang tamang parusa dito sa babaeng to ;)

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    Oct 2003
    I agree with M54.

    According to the rules in the lower house you are not allow to stand up and yell or scream or have plackards to disrupt the proceedings BUT the rule doesn't say TAXPAYER or GUEST in the lower house are not allowed to pass notes.

    It's been common practice that guest which are mostly guest of the congressman to pass notes to them via the PAGE.

    If one lesson to be learned here to prevent future occurance of unwanted notes is to STOP allowing notes to be pass by the PAGE.

    I didn't think what the girl did disrupt the session it is what DIGS did that disrupt the session hehehehehe.

    Well at least we know what type of circus we have here in our country and it's ashame that the whole world is looking at us that way.

    There's a saying................pikon talo asar talo.

    Receiving that note is comparable to receiving a mail or text or email.

    What would DIGS do if he received multiple TEXT that day saying SHUT UP or worse below the belt languages................"Mr. Speaker Mr. Speaker binastos ako sa TEXT ng Taxpayer while we are in session" then ..............."I would like the house to hold in contempt the following mobile phone numbers"

    Well there you have it folks this is the price of freedom of speech.

    Sa totoo lang sa dami ng rally dito sa atin left and right and sa mga nakasulat sa plackards at sinisigaw nila dapat PUNONG PUNO na yun kulungan natin if nag complain yun mga pinatatamaan ng mga nag rally.

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Female spectator tells Dilangalen to 'shut up'