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    Oct 2002
    Buti nga!!!!

    Female spectator tells
    Dilangalen to 'shut up'
    Posted: 8:01 PM (Manila Time) | May 26, 2004
    By Maila Ager and Joel Francis Guinto

    OPPOSITION Congressman Didagen Dilangalen blew his top during a joint congressional hearing Wednesday when during an interpellation he received a note, which told him to "shut up."

    "Shut up you're wasting taxpayer's money," Dilangalen said, reading the note to the crowd.

    "I move that whoever prepared this must be cited in contempt and incarcerated unless he apologizes," Dilangalen told presiding officers Senate President Pro-Tempore Juan Flavier and House Deputy Speaker for the
    Visayas Raul Gonzalez.

    Suzette Pido, a self-confessed supporter of incumbent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, admitted to writing the note.

    "I've been sitting here for three days and nothing has happened," she told reporters.

    Pido was placed under the custody of the House security group.

    Pido's daughter, Joanna, confessed to passing the note to Dilangalen.

    Before he got the note, Dilangalen was interpellating Senate Majorty Floor Leader Francis Pangilinan.

    Dilangalen moved to adjourn the session but his colleagues rejected the motion.
    :mad: :D

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    Nov 2002
    good for her.

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    Nov 2002
    kakanuod ko lang nyan sa news..

    grabe.. kakagulat at anagaw niya un.. hehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    wow...this congressman wants to jail this taxpayer (whose voice he supposedly represents) for exercising her freedom of speech?

    this is wrong on so many levels

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    Oct 2002
    buti naman at nakakuha ng katapat etong si dinangalen. puro showtime lang ginagawa nyan sa kongreso eh.

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    Oct 2002
    i hate that guy..good for him napikon! hehehe
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    Oct 2002
    pareho silang tama at mali.
    ang maasar lang ay talo!
    eh sariwa pa ang pagiging talunan nitong si dilengalen kaya pikon. expect another one from him this afternoon's session.
    (kamag-anak ba ito ni navarette?) :D

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    Oct 2002
    I beg to disagree with everybody, it might be true that digs is delaying the proceedings or he might be saying nonesense thing, but the fact is still a congressman and having he's speech in th plenary albeit nonesense, we have rules to follow if you can't stand long speeches then the girl and her mom should not be there in the first place, you can't just say "shut up" to a congressman especially if it's in the plenary.... freedom of speech??? I don't think so.......if they can't respect the person at least respect the position and the place......

    unang impression ko is parang tama lang yun ginawa ng girl, dahil nagpapatagal lang si digs... pero kung iisipin mo talaga wrong place and wrong time.....

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    Oct 2002
    freedom of speech, hinde pwede yun sa congress or sa plenary especially if your just a spectator..... and if the congress is in session....

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    Jul 2003
    It's just a note, the girl didnt speak, tama ba?

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Female spectator tells Dilangalen to 'shut up'