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View Poll Results: Do you agree the E-VAT will benefit the country or not, in the long run?

29. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, it will benefit the country

    6 20.69%
  • No, it will worsten the economic state of the country

    12 41.38%
  • don't know what will happen to the economy

    6 20.69%
  • time to move to another country!!!

    5 17.24%
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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by creepy
    A downgrade is because they think the Philippines will not be able to pay its debts. The only way to avoid is to show we can pay our debts --- by raising tax revenues.

    If done properly, the increased VAT can result in a virtuous cycle. Higher revenues ==> better financial position ==> lower interest payments ==> more money to spend to improve economic conditions ==> higher revenues
    I think I understand what you're saying.

    BUT it has to be done correctly. If there is no transparency, then it's just a waste.

    If they are going to implement it starting Nov.1, siguro at least put an exemption of fuel and power for AT LEAST TWO MONTHS.

    But if no one will put at TRO to paralyze the E-VAT, then it will push through from Nov.1 til the end of the year (with 12% after the new year celebration).

    I'll adopt a wait-and-see attitude for the first two months of it's implementation for this year.

    Until then, I won't even vote for my choice in the above poll.

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    Aug 2004
    No way this govt will change its spending habits, from what we've seen the past few years it needs more money for its political survival, from day 1 the little bitch has been spending like crazy from the generals to the police to ensure its survival, not to mention tons of money that went abroad for her little stash in case she has to run. NO TO EVAT, DOWN WITH THE BITCH

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    Mar 2003
    the biggest question: "where will these taxes go? (again)" sana maayos na ang system ng tax collection at utilization ng pilipinas

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    Jun 2005
    The timing for the implementation is very untimely - November 1, when most people would be spending too much.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue
    these int'l community dont use their imagination eh, we are abundant in people resources. make use of that instead of killing us -> starving us to death!
    The EVAT is a choice made by the govt and NOT the international community. If we (the Philippines) can generate the revenues from some other means without (as you say) "starving" us to death, then why not? Everyone would be happy - the govt, the creditors, the people, etc... Bakit naman ayaw ng gobyerno na gawin 'to? (mas magiging pogi pa sila sa taong bayan at hindi pa sila mumurahin)

    All we need to show is that we can credibly pay our debts, whatever way we can. For example, when I lend you money, I'd like to find out how you can pay me. You can do it however you choose -- e.g., get an extra job, sell your cellphone, cut down your expense -- but you need to show me you can pay. If you tell me you're going to pay me not by working (or saving) but by winning the lotto, I'd probably not lend you the money.
    Last edited by creepy; October 24th, 2005 at 11:39 AM.

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    Sep 2004
    di dapat sana nila pinatuloy ang evat na yan ngayong panahong ito! naniniwala pa din ako na kaya nauubos ang pondo natin ay dahil sa pagnanakaw ng ilan o karamihan sa nakapwesto sa gobyerno. Paano ba naman naging palagatasan na ata ito ng mga nakapwesto simula sa barangay tanod hanggang sa presidente. Wala na talagang halal na opisyal ang magsislbi para sa bayan...

    No to EVAT!!!

  7. Join Date
    Oct 2004
    tanong ko lang bakit tao ang una munang magtitiis sa evat? ang gobyerno hindi? sana nagpakita muna sila ng sinceridad na ayusin ang gobyerno saka nila binanat ang evat. gaya ng hatiin lahat ng govt. offices ang employees. bawasan ang pork barrel ng mga hinayupak na congressman at senador.

    at the very least sana ang evat pwede natin ma-deduct sa ating income tax in the form of tax credit. kalokohan yung di natin mararamdaman ang evat na yan.

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    Oct 2003
    okey lang naman magbayad ng additional tax kung kailangan..kaso andami nating nababalitaan na anomalies, scam, corruption, etc. kaya di tayo maniwala na makakatulong ang evat sa atin.

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    Oct 2002

    the EVAT was necessary because of poor Income Tax collection. a lot of people don't pay / file the proper income tax. including some businessmen / professionals and those involved in the underground economy. so in order to "force" them to pay taxes is to tax the sale of goods / services (since almost everyone buys in one way or the other).

    our gov't's expenditure for last year is only around $15B. in comparison to our other SEA neighbors - we are very frugal: Vietnam = $10B, Thailand = $30B, Malaysia = $25B; Indonesia = $52B.

    and about corruption in the gov't... almost all developing countries have the same level of corruption... even european countries like spain & italy do have their share of that. problem is that with our meager budget & income - corruption is just magnified.

    you WILL and CANNOT totally eradicate corruption with whatever grand ideas of a new government & leader and what have you. it is there and it'll take decades to eradicate that (only a good economy counters corruption).

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    Mar 2005
    corruption exists even in the richest countries of the world. kung tuusin, mas malaki pa nga ang na-corrupt coz overflowing ang money sa rich nations. for $5M corrupted by for example a US congressman compared to P5M corrupted by a local congressman, mas malaki pa din yun sa former.

    but why is it that rich developed countries portray an almost zero-corruption system to the world? Coz there is honor among "sophisticated thieves". They seldom attack each other or hit below the belt by accusing one high official of stealing govt. funds. They know na if they resort to this scheme, may domino effect. for instance, junior officials or simple govt. clerks will simply imitate their masters. it's not beneficial in the long run hehehe.

    here in the phils, we have yet to mature into the games that rich nations play. if somebody exposes somebody of corruption, it's not bec. he was enforcing his god-given right to reveal the wrongdoings & immorality of his equally powerful peers but bec. he is hoping he can blackmail or can have a piece of the bigger pie.

    And that's where the problem starts, ordinary people dont take it lightly when they hear from the media that their hard-earned taxes are being stolen. Two negative effects: (1) they lose trust and resort to anarchy; (2) they follow the the famous words of looney tunes (or was it, hehehe) : "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em". Here is
    an example of how the truth sets us free and makes us miserable after.

    the more reason that higher-ups shouldn't allow corruption to low position govt. workers. They must maintain an illusion of efficient and corrupt-free govt. service at least to the "war" front: the point where govt. and people interact or meet.

    dito kasi garapalan na talaga, fixers are present in almost every govt. agency.

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Expanded VAT again (Nov 1, 2005 implementation)