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    Nov 2002
    anybody monitored latest the battle between these 2 networks?? yung allegations thrown back and forth of the other network using their videos and claiming them as their own exclusive?

    i hardly caught the one being aired on saksi last night... my gf told me naman that the other night the insider broke news of GMA's using ABSCBN's video...

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    Feb 2003
    sabi ng abs kagabi, umamin na daw yung gma.

    and nagpakita din sila ng malinaw na video vis-a-vis yung malabong video na ginamit ng GMA, na kapareho nga.

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    Nov 2002
    napanuod ko din sa saksi nagulat nga ako sa nakita ko.. grabe pala un bangayan

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    Feb 2004
    dme na ata bulilyaso ng gma sa abs ah? my opinion

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    Jun 2004
    From what i have seen and heard from Saksi last night, the footage was actually taken bu Reuters and both Abs and GMA are subscribers meaning they have both right to televise. But I think ABS aired it first, and when GMA learned it, they stopped the airing and instead used CNN. Pero ang CNN is hooked also on Reuters, so doon na sila nag-claim that one station steals the other one's footage.

    Ang ayaw ko lang is Footage ni Angelo Dela Cruz sa airport ang pinag-aawayan. It is an overkill coverage for an ordinary case of an OCW and there are hundreds of them. But no media care to give equal importance to other OFW sad stories.

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    Dec 2003
    For me hindi ko malaman kung sino talaga ang tama sa dalawang yan.Pero yung dating nangyari yan sabi ni Mike E. sa Saksi nanalo daw sila dun sa nagkapareho na video footage na kinopya ng ABS CBN dati ng Eye to Eye sa isang actress..Pero yung ngayon ewan ko lang kung mananalo ulit sila sa case na sinampa nila ng Libelo sa ABS CBN.. :D

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    Nov 2002
    ang news exclusive coverage yun ng abs then feed sa reuters dun nilagay nila di pwede brodcast sa phils. eh ang syete kumuha ng feed sa reuters or sa cnn so bumalik sa phils yun broadcast kaya yun pati si dindo amparo ng abs-cbn nag rereport sa gma network kaya nahuli sila. kya ang biruan sa abs -cbn yun reporter nila lumipat ng gma.

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    Oct 2002
    Eto ang pagkakaintindi ko based from Insider Report:
    ABS claims that the original video was an intellectual property of its own company. Then sold to Reuters for international copy use. Then again passed on to CNN. It is agreed on not to be shown on our local news channels. Then GMA happen to get a copy from CNN.

    I have yet to watch Saksi's side on this.

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    Jan 1970
    GMA is a subscriber of Reuters and CNN, and that same feed was the one passed on to them for broadcast by Reuters and CNN, they didnt know that it was from ABS-CBN. i

    dont think it is GMA's fault since they are on live broadcast wherein time is very limited that they wouldnt have time to check the video.

    Grabe lang magsalita si Erwin Tulfo eh, dapat sya ang kasuhan ng libel

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    Nov 2002
    pero parang sa part ng GMA parang sila pa tama eh.. wala lang.. kapamilya kasi ako..

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