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    Oct 2002
    inputs naman, mga kapatid na nasa tate...

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    Oct 2002
    panood ko sa cnn kahapon yung national convention ng democrats. si senator kennedy yung nagsasalita, sobrang nilait si bush

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    May 2004
    The democratic national convention has made Boston a little bit crazier these days! I live in Boston for sometime now but I've never seen it with so many Police walking around the city and Police cars all over. Local businesses are complaining cause the city is limiting people and vehicle that can enter near the Fleet Center. So many celebrities are in the beantown these days.

    Anyway, about BUSH OR KERRY... I've been a republican ever since! Hindi maiwasan ang criticisms sa election. They do the things Filipinos do during election too. Yung ma-observe mo lang dito is that they consider election as a healthy competition. Not really personal attacks but attacks are more on shortcomings and failures during their terms in the office, hindi nila sinasali ang personal things most of the time. Although questionable moral issues like the Monica Lewinsky of Ex-Pres Clinton scandal, etc. sometimes come up.

    If you ask me as to whom am I going to Vote on November, I'm still voting for Bush. I still think that Bush is better than Kerry. That is just my personal opinion. Im speaking for myself. Even though Kerry is a senator from Massachussetts, I am still voting for the republican candidate for performance record.

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    Apr 2004
    sa totoo lang kahit na sandamukal na ang mga controversies surrrounding anything american, tayong pinoy meron paring biased leanings towards the US of A;

    i dont know the statistics but with that never ending pila jan sa US embassy for the chance of a lifetime visa approval, i guess 3 out of 4 filipino families have a kamag-anak somewhere in that land of milk & honey (tatay ko us citizen din being a USAFFE lieutenant panahon ng hapon);

    pero BUSH OR KERRY?! d ko alam, sorry..

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    Oct 2002
    tingin ko (imho) kerry ang lalabas sa elections nila. more than half of the americans disapprove the war in iraq. tapos ngayon may controversy pa regarding 9/11.

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    Jun 2004
    Don't believe the media hype. Americans are smarter than some people give them credit for. The war in Iraq won't play a huge factor in this election. Bush Sr. liberated Kuwait and received praises from all over the world. Unfortunately, the economy went down during his term. That's why he didn't get re-elected.

    Check out the local papers, you'll see that people are more concerned about the economy, education, healthcare, and tax. These are, and always will be, the factors that will decide the election. These are what affects their livelihood right now. Most Americans might not support the war, but if they support Bush's economic plan? His education plan? If 60% of Americans are against the war on Iraq, it doesn't mean all 60% of them will look past all of Kerry's shortcomings and just focus on the Iraq issue as their sole reason to vote.

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    Jan 2003
    kung si gloria kaya mang daya c bush pa!!!!!!

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    Oct 2002
    ano bang brief profile ni kerry regarding opinions, positions, and track record?

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    Nov 2002
    pareparehas lang naman mga politiko

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by mbt
    ano bang brief profile ni kerry regarding opinions, positions, and track record?
    this is the problem with Kerry for me - it's so hard to figure out what he's all about. his senate voting record seems to imply he constantly changes his mind on issues, and he really hasn't declared his platform.

    the only thing i know is he wants to increase taxes for the upper middle class back to pre-Bush levels, and use that money to provide healthcare for uninsured Americans, as well as supposedly to balance the budget.

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