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    Dec 2002
    hi tsikot peeps! i just need some help...

    2 weeks from now ay birthday ng nililigawan ko. i just need your suggestions kung anung maganda regalo? gusto ko sanang mag reflect sa gift na ibibigay ko na im sincere and malinis ang intentions ko sa kanya(am deeply in love with this girl i can say na may mutual understanding na kami and gusto ko siyang mapasaya sa birthday nya.:2hearts: ). this is the first time na magbibigay ako ng gift sa girl so honestly wala akong idea kung anung maganda...any suggestions will be very much appreciated..


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    Jul 2005
    before i make a suggestion, matanong ko lang.
    ilang taon na yung girl? depende kase yan e.

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    Jan 2005
    clothes would be nice. yung gusto niya na color and yung usual type na gamit niya (casual, etc).

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    May 2005
    depende sa personality ng recipient eh. don't ever forget to match the gift with flowers... iba ang dating sa girl...

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    Dec 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by missZ View Post
    before i make a suggestion, matanong ko lang.
    ilang taon na yung girl? depende kase yan e.
    miss z,
    the girl is already 25 years old

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    Aug 2005
    A perfume would be nice

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    Feb 2005
    IMO, a little surprise will be highly appreciated, let me share what i did to my ex's bday a few years ago, i asked favor from her staff sa office nila to fill her office full of flowers from the stairs on the ground floor up to her cubicle on the 2nd floor with a dozen of white roses on her table with matching notes and balloons. worth the effort,bro. she's my wife now

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    Jan 2005
    how about a nice necklace? plus flowers of course..

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    Dec 2005
    jun,- take the words of resmile and razaec racing....

    Both are seasoned profs on this matter.....

    Whew! "I'm in love again!"


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    Apr 2004
    give her your time... thats all they ever wanted... spend sometime with her, dont buy something expensive, think of something really inexpensive but is very much close to her... know her cheap thrills... make something memorable... thats the best gift...

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