A line of 357 women clad in bikinis and pink visors marched one mile down the beach in Gold Coast, Australia, to break the world record for biggest bikini parade. Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records monitored the event and confirmed that the Cayman Islands' previous record of 331 had been broken.

Gold Coast Bulletin News spoke with Hannah Lindgren, a participant in the parade. "The Gold Coast is all about beautiful women and beautiful beaches," she said. "It is the perfect place to hold the bikini parade." Organizers are hopeful that the parade will change public perception of Gold Coast as a crime capital.

Predictably, the parade may have served as a distraction for some. Sky News spoke with Australian lifeguards on duty. "We've been trying to watch the water... but we have been having difficulty patrolling the beach," one reportedly said.

CNN reports that four "overdressed" women were disqualified.
Bikini Parade: Australians Break World Record (PHOTOS, VIDEO)