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    Oct 2002
    As some of you might know, my grandma passed away last week, now I have to go to HK for the funeral...

    Hanap kami ticket, now no-thanks to Disney, HK ticket prices have skyrocketed kahit off-peak... Mga US$250 round trip usually... Tapos pag infant (less than 24months) $75 bucks pa...

    So kung ako, si misis at si anak pupunta... mga $575up ang gastos...

    But wait!!! Since di ako Filipino citizen, kailangan ko lagi magpakita ng isang return ticket to HK, so bibili pa akong isang extra ticket, so + 250 (halos same lang one-way sa round trip kasi open ended). So total mga 800 bucks na!

    That's around P43K!!!

    Now the back door route....

    We got tickets from Tiger Airways in Clark, flying to Macau... Sing$180 round trip kasama taxes etc per adult... Tapos Sing$10 lang ang infant.

    Kasama yung mandatory one-way ko na S$70 lang (S$40 lang yung ticket!) Total namin is S$486 lang! That's $15,863 lang!

    Note na 2 adults + 1 infant round trip na yan!

    I know your next question... How will you get to HK?

    Guess what, may shuttle ang airport to the ferry, ang ferry from Macau to HK takes around 1hr and costs HK$100/adult, that's around Php700/trip. So P2800 ang balikan for 2 adults.

    That brings the travel total to around P18K... Still way below the normal rate!

    I know may bayad padin bus/cab to and from the ferry etc but ganun din gagastusin kung pupunta kami sa HK airport since nasa HK side ang bahay namin.

    Laking tipid...

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    Dec 2003
    ok sana yan..pero alanganin ako sa safety ng Tiger Airways..cguro pag after a few years 100% safe sila tsaka ko pagisipan...

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    Feb 2004
    wow david that's a great tip.
    kami lang when we claimed a pal reward ticket to hkg for 2, free nga airfare, but we paid about 8,500 for travel tax + insurance + taxes.
    that makes your air ticket difference around 10,000 lang, with a baby pa.

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    Oct 2002
    Dami na nag Tiger pre, basta di mahi-jack ok na :D In addition, China airlines tagal tagal na pero dami padin bumabagsak hehe.

    Tiger/Asia is just operating the same way Southwest is operating kaya mura, it doesn't mean that their planes and services are inferior. Singapore Airlines din majority may ari neto eh.

    Sa Pinas, it'll be another "brand image" issue they have to face.
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    Oct 2002
    safe naman sa tiger airways...kakarating ko lang from singapore last two weeks.
    halos lahat ng umaalis din ang takeoff nila...

    marami din papuntang KL or malaysia na nagpupunta muna sa singapore...

    my condolonces pare...

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    Oct 2002
    Kimps: thx..

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    Nov 2002
    sa clark airport lang ba tiger airways?

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    Oct 2002

  9. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    pwede ba mag iwan ng sasakyan sa clark?

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    Oct 2002
    that i dont know, buti pinaalala mo hehe... tatanong ko din sana dito...

    have to call din regarding tiger's shuttle service, i wonder who i can call locally...

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Backdoor to HK... Laking tipid...