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    Feb 2009
    just wondering what really happened to the pilipino language or the written or spoken english in the philippines. why not just say" tanong ko lang" than "ask ko lang". about a decade ago, this kind of language used to be primarily expressed by the gay community almost as an indication of their ***ual preferrence. is this an indication that there are more gays in the philippines? the philippines seems to be confused and not being able to write or speak straight english or straight tagalog? this is more prevalent in the tagalog speaking region than in the visayas and mindanao area.

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    Mar 2010

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    Oct 2002
    pa sosyal...

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    Nov 2005
    it's culture

    here, when it comes to verbal communication, there's no social pressure to be textbook perfect

    use whatever way you want. just get your point across

    ganyan talaga when you're in a multilingual society


    can't compare pinoys to Americans

    most Americans can only speak 1 language

    lamang pa nga tayo

    we're multilingual

"ask ko lang"