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    Oct 2002
    hey guys.dunno if this is the right forum to post na lang mods if not proper. anyways, this is my friend's car.she left for india on a business trip last week. she left her eldest adopted daughter in charge of the household (w/c includes the daughter's kids, she's separated kasi). apparently, when she left, he daughter left off also w/ the money for expenses & bills + her car!she hasn't returned & it's already been a week!she just got back yesterday & just wants to locate her daughter. the daughter has no history naman that would suggest her to be capable of this + she's not the type to leave her kids behind. my friend suspects she might be in some kind of trouble to do that. so if anyone's spotted the car, pa-heads up na lang so she can trace.naawa siya dun sa kids nung girl, + she's worried na nya but car can't exactly be declared carnapped daw coz she gave the keys to her daughter...poor family

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    Oct 2002
    oh damn..thats some big problem nga.

    ill be on a lookout bro.

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    Mar 2005
    how 'bout the adopted daughter's former husband or partner?

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    Jun 2005
    Seeking the help of the NBI might be a better choice.

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    Oct 2002
    glennster, thanks!

    oldblue, i'm sure they're looking into that, thanks

    hayward, great suggestion, malamang di pa nya naisip kasi tuliro pa yun

anyone seen white proton wira UMU367?