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    Oct 2002
    sa laptop namin, XP, pero sa desktop, ME.... gusto ko na mag XP don pero daming hardware incompatibilities na lumalabas eh...

    sa late december daw, maglalabas sila ng windows XP 2nd ed. daw eh... ayos na lahat ng bugs... hintayin ko nalang :D

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    Oct 2002
    ME and XP dual boot.. sa room ko

    sa office Win NT and thin client Cytrix

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    Oct 2002
    sa haus, we still use 98.
    in the office, Win NT...

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    WIN 2K prof..- office and home

    XP sucks especially in hardware compatiblity..the only good thing
    you can get in XP is the online supports coming from microsoft

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    Nov 2002
    I think it's very important that you update your windows everytime microsoft posts for available latest updates compatible with your it can help your pc from being attacked by known viruses like NIMDA, code Red or ur network server containing impt files can be attacked by an intruder to construct malicious content that, when viewed in Internet Explorer (or any program that uses the IE HTML rendering engine), can execute arbitrary code. Like for ex an email, it is not necessary to run an attachment; simply viewing the document in a vulnerable program is sufficient to execute arbitrary code.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (esp IE 5.0 is originally unpatched) has a vulnerability triggered when parsing MIME parts in a document that allows a malicious agent to execute arbitrary code. Any user or program that uses vulnerable versions of Internet Explorer to render HTML in a document (for example, when browsing a filesystem, reading email or news messages, or visiting a web page), should immediately upgrade to a non-vulnerable version of Internet Explorer.

    The Nimda worm has the potential to affect both user workstations (clients) running Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, Xp or 2000 and servers running Windows NT and 2000.

    I tell you, always make sure to get latest updates for your windows. It doesn't matter what windows u r using, microsoft products are totaly vulnerable to this stuff.

    Using redhat i guess when it comes to security is good. But only few knows how to use it.

    I think k3rk of is very much knowledgeable and experienced on this stuff. :wink: :P


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    Oct 2002
    i use Windows XP Pro... XP has better hardware compatibility than Win2000 and far better driver support

    Windows Update now checks for piracy... if you have a pirated version of WinXP, you won't be able to download any Microsoft Windows updates and patches

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    Oct 2002
    Windows 98 Second Edition...

  8. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    If you are using pirated Win XP Home or Pro, don't install the SP1. Install the patches one by one so you can still upgrade your OS from MS.

    My experienced with XP is that is faster if your computer is new. If you are using an old computer better stick to your old Windows.

    I'm using WIn XP home edition.

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    Oct 2002
    Win XP Professional with Service Pack 1

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    Oct 2002
    Win2K Pro and Win98 second edition sa haus. Win98 second edition naman sa office kc yung application na hawak ko is incompatible with the later versions of Windows.

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anong windows gamit nyo?