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    Jun 2004
    TRY mo rin sa mga cooperative 10~20%annum pwede pa mangutang wala pang tax, kailanga mo lang maging stock/share holder kaso kailangan SOLID yung COOP hehe..>>

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    Oct 2002
    if you want more than 8% interest... why not try to buy into some treasury bonds? Available at BDO, just inquire if there are any offerings.

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    Oct 2002
    sa akin, BPI Family. been there for a long time na.
    others are newly acquired, merged and renamed, etc....

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    Apr 2004
    Kung savings lang, ok na BPI Family Bank.

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    Oct 2002
    try rural banks... they give out as much as 15% per annum...

    for cooperative banks, mas malaki pa nga minsan...

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    Apr 2004
    if you know someone whos working at camp crame, ok sa AFPSLAI - 20%/annum kung di mo gagalawin within 1 year.

    my mother-in-law happens to be working at PNP kaya kami nag karoon ng account dun.

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    Oct 2002
    Some things you should consider if its for saving your hard-earned cash:
    - stability (is the bank fundamentally sound?)
    - accessibility
    - service
    - term of the deposit (do you want to lock it in or you want to have access to the funds from time to time with deposits and withdrawals?).

    Some entities may give higher interest rates but they may be doing this to attract deposits as they may need the fresh funds. High interest rates may not always be good... the big and stable banks usually give rates that are just at par with current prevailing market rates.

    Here are some banks to check out:
    - BPI
    - Metrobank
    - Chinabank
    - Banco de Oro

    MBT, I work at bank so i sent you a PM on the info the products and services.
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    Jan 1970
    marvin, halos magka-age lang tayo, bat may pera ka at ako wala?

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    Feb 2003
    bpi multi earner.

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    Aug 2003
    mazdamazda, hindi naman po sa namimilosopo...pero meron bang rural/coop banks dito sa manila? is land bank one?

    if you're looking primarily after the stability of the bank, bpi or bdo ka na lang, kasi very stable ung mga ibang negosyo ng Ayalas and Sys. Can you imagine SM losing money? It's possible, but not likely

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anong ok na savings bank?