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    Oct 2002
    2005's Top Gear Car Survey was the largest yet, with 76,000 of you helping us uncover the best and worst money can buy. Cars were rated for reliability, driving enjoyment and dealer service

    2005 Top Gear Survey - the Top 10

    (Ranking: Make - Model)

    1: Honda S2000
    2: Lexus IS200/300
    3: Lexus RX300
    4: Skoda Superb
    5: Skoda Octavia
    6: Honda Jazz
    7: Honda Accord
    8: Subaru Legacy
    9: Skoda Fabia
    10: Subaru Forester

    2005 Top Gear Survey - the Last 10
    (Ranking: Make - Model)

    150: Citroën Xsara
    151: Peugeot 206
    152: Renault Mégane (Nov '02 on)
    153: Rover 25
    154: Fiat Stilo
    155: Mercedes M-Class
    156: Renault Laguna
    157: Renault Espace
    158: Peugeot 307
    159: Peugeot 807

    Amazingly, last year's loser isn't this year's loser. Although the M-Class is still ranked as one of the worst cars in the UK.

    Very strong year for Skoda, although the Japanese still dominate the top of the list.


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    Apr 2004
    wow, Skoda Superb.

    Puro French cars ang nasa bottom 10

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    Oct 2002
    Haha! In last week's episode, they tried to get a Peugot 807 for their segment about the worst car to own. Well, since Peugeot didn't oblige Top Gear, they replaced it, instead, with a bucket of horse manure---which is really how it drives.

    On another matter, according to Jeremy Clarkson, if you read the Top Gear survey, you'll find out if your car is good or French.

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    Oct 2002
    I thought mercedes has made substantial improvements in their products......kulelat pa din ah!

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    Oct 2002
    skoda, lol :lol:

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    Dec 2003
    japanese cars are kings of reliability.........

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    Apr 2004
    nagagandahan ako sa mga designs ng Skoda. VW based ang mga designs nila eh.

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    Oct 2005
    yup (Skodas) they are VWs for less. which is good for them.

Top Gear Car Survey: 2005