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    Sep 2003
    Another black spot for the "next" first lady of the Republic...The Lopez Media Network will be on overdrive to "fix" this incident.

    By Nancy C. Carvajal, Marinel Cruz
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 03:38:00 01/15/2010

    MANILA, Philippines — The buzz is on.

    Show biz celebrity Kris Aquino confronted a female fan of her husband, basketball star James Yap, shouting insults at the woman and her mother just outside their upscale Pasig City residence late Wednesday, the Inquirer learned Thursday.

    The popular TV host and movie actress spent about 10 minutes at the gate of the Valle Verde 2 home of Mayen Austria, 35, according to Austria’s uncle, Gabby Lopez (no relation to the ABS-CBN chair).

    Lopez said he was at the Austria residence and that the family was entertaining guests—including Legazpi City Bishop Joel Baylon—when Aquino arrived.

    Reached on the phone Thursday night, Baylon confirmed he was at the Austria residence when Aquino arrived, but “I only knew about it when Mayen, between sobs, related to us the incident immediately after Kris left.”

    Baylon said he didn’t see the actual encounter since he was inside the house with another guest, a nun based in Spain.

    The bishop said Mayen and her mother Minna—whose family had been his friends for more than 20 years—were “obviously distressed” by what happened.

    Lopez refused to elaborate on the incident, saying he didn’t want to add to the “trauma” suffered by his niece. “All I can say is God sides with who is right and tells the truth,” he said in a phone interview.

    Pressed for details, Lopez replied: “I don’t want to answer that, but I now know who I will not vote for.”

    Kris is a daughter of the late President Corazon Aquino and youngest sibling of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Liberal Party standard-bearer in the May presidential elections.

    Boy Abunda version

    But according to TV host and Aquino’s best friend Boy Abunda, she was “very cool and polite” during her encounter with Austria, Yap’s rumored girlfriend.

    It would, therefore, be “unfair” to say that Aquino quarreled with a girl over James.

    Abunda explained: “Kris was bothered when she heard James talking on the phone with a girl who was crying. She learned from James that the girl was heartbroken and was confiding in him.”

    “Kris said that since she was in the neighborhood, she might as well introduce herself to the girl and the girl’s family,” he said.

    Aquino also lives in Valle Verde 2 but has reportedly sold her house and is said to be moving out at the end of the month.

    Aquino showed up at the gate of the Austria residence at around 4 p.m. Wednesday, when the family was hosting visitors in their living room, according to another source who declined to be named.

    “Mayen went out and saw Aquino, who immediately threw invectives at her,” the source said.

    Mayen’s mother heard the commotion from inside the house and went out to see her daughter already in tears.

    “(Aquino) also shouted at her (Minna): Anong klaseng nanay ka? Anong klase ang palaki mo sa anak mo? (What kind of mother are you? What kind of upbringing did you give your child?)” the source said.

    Mother and daughter did not answer back, until Aquino left, the source said.

    But in Abunda’s version of the incident, Aquino first spoke with Austria’s mom about what has been going on in her relationship with Yap.

    “She said they almost split up in December and that they were separated for weeks. Kris also told [Austria’s mom] that she is fighting hard for their marriage. She said she really wanted their marriage to work. In the middle of their conversation, (Mayen) arrived and said there was nothing going on between her and James and that they’re just friends,” Abunda said.

    ‘Just a basketball fan’

    Abunda insisted that Aquino “spoke in a very low voice” during her conversation with the Austrias.

    He also said Mayen was not Yap’s girlfriend but a fan of his professional basketball team, Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants.

    “In all fairness to James, he did not hide from Kris that he was talking with the girl. I think he even used his phone in front of Kris,” Abunda stressed.

    “I understood why Kris did it. I would’ve done the same thing. It was unfair to say that Kris quarreled with the girl. She spoke with caution and temperance. It’s just that with what’s happening between them, she thought that if there was a problem, hindi na n’ya palalakihin pa (she won’t blow out it of proportion). She would like to nip it in the bud.”

    In 2007, Yap was rumored to have had romantic liaisons with Hope Centeno, then a receptionist at the Belo Medical Clinic, which Aquino used to endorse. Yap denied the rumors.
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    Sep 2005
    kitang kita ang level ni Kris.. alam naman pala nilang FAN lang yung girl.. bakit kailangan sugurin pa sa bahay?? at ano daw sabi ni Boy?? I understood why Kris did that?? hay naku..

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    Sep 2005
    Kris did not make sugod naman pala the girl eh..

    siguro mga 2 weeks na namang pag uusapan yan! tsk tsk tsk

    Last Wednesday (Jan. 13) at around 5: 30 p.m., I got the following text message from a friend: May sinugod na babae si Kris Aquino sa Valle Verde...pinagsuspetsahan daw ‘yung babae na girlfriend ni James (Yap, Kris’ husband)... Paki-verify.

    My first impulse was to call Kris but either she “cannot be reached” or “the person you’re calling is out of coverage area.”

    So I did the next best thing: Mobilize the Funfare mole code-named Jumpy Kangaroo (deeply imbedded in the Aquino-Yap household) to check posthaste. Here’s his report:
    Kris and James were having a late lunch at 2 p.m. that day when James’ celfon rang. The caller was a girl, crying, and saying, “I did everything already...” blah-blah-blah. Kris did what any wife would do (and considering that she and James have just survived a “Lovers’ Quarrel” sorted out during a post-Christmas family trip to Bangkok): she asked James who the girl was and why she’s crying on his shoulder. James had hung up after telling the girl that he’d call her later.

    A little discussion (not an argument) followed during which James told Kris that the girl was having a problem with her boyfriend (somebody else) and that the girl has been his long-time (Purefoods) fan. Like any puzzled wife, Kris asked James, “Why would she be crying on your shoulder, for that matter on a man she knows very well who is very much married?” Normal reaction, wasn’t it?

    For quite a time now, the girl has been sending James chocolates or cakes or other goodies, addressed only to James, making Kris wonder, “If she can’t write my name or those of our children, why doesn’t she just address them to ‘James and Family’ para naman mawala ang suspicion?”

    The little incident didn’t end there.

    While being made up for the day’s work by Bambbi Fuentes, she got a “forwarded” text message (from where, it wasn’t made clear), purportedly from James who was telling the girl to just say sorry to Kris “at nang matapos na lahat.” That made Kris even more suspicious. Any wife would react the same way, right?

    So Kris decided to drop by the girl’s house (also in Valle Verde) where the girl’s mom very nicely met her. Kris politely turned down the mom’s invitation”to come in” and simply, very politely, told the mom the whole incident. Kris never raised her voice (unlike perhaps most “aggrieved” wives); she was calm as she reminded the mom that she and James are working very hard at saving their marriage and calls or text messages from “any girl” to James is the last thing that they wanted especially at this stage when they (Kris and James) have just patched things up.

    Kris didn’t make sugod the girl. She only wanted to relay to the girl the message that she should refrain from calling or texting James since James is very much married and it doesn’t look good for her to be doing that. Siempre naman, kahit sinong wife ay hindi matutuwa sa ganoon.

    (Note: I asked Jumpy Kangaroo what the moral of the story is and he said, “Huwag po magti-text or tatawag sa isang lalaking may-asawa. ‘Yon lang po.” Wives out there, agree or disagree?)

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    Apr 2009
    matulis talaga si King James! kaya lang mahina IQ....

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    Apr 2009

    bagay kay Kris yung jingle ad ni Noynoy... "Di ka Nag-iisa"

    si James talaga.....

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    Jul 2007
    Just a question but didn't Kris herself do "the other woman" role as well in the past? Isn't she being all high and mighty now?

    Will this bratty behavior of hers further amplify itself should Noynoy win? Or even better yet should he lose and they cry "foul".

    In a Noynoy government it would be entertaining to see how James will behave. And Kuya Boy for that matter.

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    Jan 2005
    “(Aquino) also shouted at her (Minna): Anong klaseng nanay ka? Anong klase ang palaki mo sa anak mo? (What kind of mother are you? What kind of upbringing did you give your child?)”the source said.

    baka naman nangagaral lang si Kris doon sa dalaga mali lang ang pagkakadeliver dapat ang sinabi niya, dalaga ka marami ka pang makukuhang mas sa asawa ko, wag kang gumaya sa akin na kung sino-sinong lalaki ang dumaan sa akin.

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    Nov 2005

    poor Kris

    aasawa kasi ng popular and mas bata na guy

    ano gagawin ni Kris?

    confront every lady-friend of James?

    she can't scare off every woman who desires her husband

    seduction-prone pa naman si James

    the ladies know James isnt content with Kris and they know he is no saint

    the ladies know James can be seduced... they're challenged to seduce him

    problema ni Kris yan for many years to come

    magaling pa naman manligaw ang mga babae


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    Sep 2003
    For sure may "exclusive" interview si Abunda, as usual kasama na ung paawa-effect at crocodile tears ni Kris as the affected wife. Too bad wala na si Tita Cory as an added prop, like during Kris imfamous VD "revelation"...

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    For sure may "exclusive" interview si Abunda, as usual kasama na ung paawa-effect at crocodile tears ni Kris as the affected wife. Too bad wala na si Tita Cory as an added prop, like during Kris imfamous VD "revelation"...
    I agree,,, twist ng ABS-CBN yung story na hindi ganyan mga Aquino and ang victim ay si Kris.

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