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    Mar 2005
    Meron ba tayo sa 'pinas na magazine for tricked out and modded rides? Pansin ko kase lahat ng magazines dito feature lang sa isang section ang customized rides.

    Sana merong magazine na may section about engine upgrades, mags selection, interior mods (sounds,dashboard,upholstery,etc.), accesories, bodykits, etc.
    at sana may reference dito where ito pwede ipagawa sa philippine setting...that way, mga shops pwede pa mag advertise di ba?

    Yung tipong nag-fefeature ng rides tapos naka specify mods na ginawa, san pinagawa, at estimated cost...tapos may wish list or review ng aftermarket parts..of course, philippine setting dapat...

    dami kase newbies like me na nahirapan sa simula usually, umaasa tayo sa imported magazines...sana may local or at least isang section sa local car magazines. im sure bebenta yun.
    whtcha think?

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    Oct 2002
    I'm not so sure but I haven't seen a local mag dedicated to car customization.

    Sa U.S. marami. Car Craft, Hot Rodding, Super Compact Sport, etc... Btw, the car customization market in the U.S. is estimated at US$1.2 billion (aftermarket goodies and services).

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    Aug 2004
    Sport Compact Car and Grassroots Motorsports are both good. Other "modding" mags like Import Tuner and Super Street are "all show" type mags. There are others still that are too narrowly-focused (the zillions of "Honda Tuning mags", European Tuner, etc...)

    Tech and Tuner here has some articles about modding, but not in-depth, and their content is somewhat lacking (both in style and substance) for the money. Medyo nga kulang ang Philippine scene in this regard, pero the market just isn't deep enough to support a "modding-only" magazine.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2005
    yea, malabo nga ang "modding-only" magazine...pero at least sana isang in depth feature to sa Tech and Tuner...kaya nga "tuner" di ba? dapat may recommended parts and shops at estimated cost.

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