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    Sep 2003
    It's already four years since the Feb. 4 tragic "accident" occured which killed 78, which included mostly the poor and old women. And the victim's families have yet to have their day in court. Sa Maguindanao Massacre in which there were 54 victims ang bilis ng galaw, tapos yung Wowowee stampede na involved yung Lopez Media company usad patay na pagong... Obvious sobra yung double standard of justice sa land of Juan de la Cruz.

    In the 2007 and 2009 editions of Guinness World Records, the incident was cited as "the greatest death toll in a game show".
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    Nov 2002
    78 lang ang namatay, 78 x 10family members = 780 x 10neighbors = 7800

    7800 is small compared to the millions who patronize and make a lot of money with wowowee...

    perhaps they are paid and had signed a quit/claim waiver...

    pinoys generally have a short term memory, they dwell too much on a particular issue and after another bigger issue arises the old issue is long forgotten...

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    Oct 2002
    I'd like to see the case go to court if only to find out what exactly are the liabilities of the show's organizers and the owners of the venue.

    This will be an uphill climb for the plaintiffs/complainants since they have to prove that there was gross negligence or reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and what acts or omissions constituted such negligence or imprudence. They can prove that the stampede happened and the deaths occured as a consequence. However, short of proving that it was the show's organizers who instigated the stampede, it'll be hard to win this.

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