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    Jan 2003
    Mamar and Rdecruze:
    They are huge yellow labradors one is 110 lbs and the other one is 97 lbs respectively. The Montero SR V6 was my dad's car, since our boys cannot fit in the prelude we opted not to sell the Montero. Its beaten up it has 136 thousand plus miles on it. We used it a lot during winter going to the mountains to ski. Still runs good, the only problem right now is that the ABS light came out and we have to change the 4 sensor on the wheels, a relay module and a computer box.
    Yeah she's still single and available...if you can cope up with her schedule
    M54 Powered
    Absolutely, I'm not paying for anything, costing her almost a thousand a month. I like the ride and handling of the LX 470 than the Cayenne

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    Sep 2006
    Hey tsikoteers!! My first post here.

    My bad babies:

    1. 2005 Toyota Camry 2.4
    2. 2005 Toyota Sequoia 4.7
    3. 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4.0
    4. 2006 Toyota Altis 1.6

    Hindi naman masyadong mahilig sa Toyota...hehe!

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    Mar 2006
    '97 corolla xl

    4AGE ST engine
    USDM set up

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    Mar 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Cale View Post
    Our family has the following:

    2006 Porsche Cayenne V6 (sister)
    2005 Lexus LX 470 V8 (dad)
    1998 Toyota Tacoma Limited V6 (me)
    1996 Honda Accord EX (mom)
    1995 Mitsubishi Montero SR V6 (for our two big yellow labradors)
    1992 Acura Integra GS (brother)
    1988 Honda Prelude Si (spare)
    what a garage!!

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    Oct 2003
    Suzuki Samurai
    Suzuki Vitara
    Suzuki Jimny
    Suzuki Beaver LJ80

    Suzuki.....may Suzu ka na may.......____ ka pa! :D

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by mikaztro View Post
    Suzuki Samurai
    Suzuki Vitara
    Suzuki Jimny
    Suzuki Beaver LJ80

    Suzuki.....may Suzu ka na may.......____ ka pa! :D
    Haha! Ayos!

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    Aug 2006
    02 rav4
    06 hilux 4x4
    05 cbr RR

    99 civic sir *SOLD*

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    Feb 2006
    05 Audi A6

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    Jun 2006
    eomer the red. simply red.

    original LHD.

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    Sep 2006
    Custom Tuner Nissan Sentra SR 2.0
    SR20 DET Engine
    Skunk2 Lowering Springs & Shocks
    Brembo brakes
    17 Chrome Magwheels
    Dunlop Tires
    Sony Xplode Sound System
    DVD/LCD Entertainment System
    Autometer Guages
    Vyas Autoshop Custom Body Kit
    Etc... Etc... on performance parts

What is your ride?