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    Oct 2002
    pssst..tama na.

    bakit ba ang daming init dito sa tsikot ngayon? love na tsayo lahat... brotherly love ha.not faggoty love..ahihihihi

    airshaq..just a reminder lang naman my in the internet, if you dont like them, just shun them. hindi naman ako nakikisakay and i dont ride along. i just let them be.if they break the rule, thats when i take action.

    and with the tone of this close to locking this thread up if we dont cool it down.

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    Sep 2003

    Kala ko nga kotse ang nabuksan ko parehong pareho...

    Dami na nya kaaway dun lalo na yung mga lolo dun. hehehehe I mean yung mga matatagal na...

    Yung post dito naka paste pa dun. Hanep sa all right...

    Psst Glen... puso mo nakadikit lang nang tikoy yan remember... hehehehe

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    Sep 2003
    Pssst Jeff. wag na patol...
    Last edited by mazdamazda; February 16th, 2005 at 08:16 AM. Reason: deleted the quote

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    Jan 2005
    Thats fair enough for me Glenn...i guess you can start by "cleaning" up texts posted from other sites......and for those who wanna join the discussion.....feel free to drop by but make sure you post on the right thread.


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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by airshaq20
    To all who are "concerned" about the crazy guy called JamesChavez, here's a good reading:

    Sadly, he wanna play around people's minds here....too bad....backfired on him..
    I've read the thread again including the MOD's post and it really did backfired on you... this is plain and simple..." you didn't get the joke"...

    Based on the posts, JC and his kayabangan is a running joke on the other board. Regular posters knows it..He has no intention of conning you or anyone else. It's a running JOKE man...

    personal opinion lang po- "admitting you're mistaken doesn't make you a lesser MAN..."

    BTW, i'm NOT in any way in defense ng other board since hindi naman po ako member dun. at naintriga lang ako sa pinost dito kaya nagbasa ako ng mga posts dun. my opinion is based lang sa nga nabasa ko dun... PEACE

    sorry kung OT na to... just want to air my view...

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    May 2004
    haha...ok ah.

    '78 ford pinto all stock no mods...
    might trade for an slk350 roadster ;)

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    Jan 2005
    hmmm sorry kung OT mga mods pero mainit dun sa kabilang forum ah... wag naman sana dalhin dito...

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    Feb 2005
    1990 MBenz 260E
    Benz3 Wheels
    Blaupunk Head Unit

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    Jan 2005
    2003 Honda Accord VTI-L

    mods? grille and chin...

    ipon pako pambili mags....

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    Feb 2005
    1993 Corolla XL 2E
    888 paint
    Personalized mufflers
    Cobra Security

    Sound setup (DIY)
    Fenton Amp 2x240
    B-52 enclosure 10" subs

    Red interior (DIY)
    indiglo gauge
    Park lights (DIY)
    Signal lights (DIY)
    GLi options
    MASON plate (anti coding hehe..)
    black reams (DIY)
    Black Grills (DIY)

    puro DIY kasi wala ako pera e.. kaya do it yourself na lang.. hehe!

    Black Spoiler and Black Mags in the works..
    tsaka euro na bumpers sa likod and garnish for the plate number pala!

    baka naman gusto nyo magdonate?
    Last edited by Marc MD; February 19th, 2005 at 05:03 PM.

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