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    Oct 2002
    So I've been telling my dealership (CASA) that my rear rotors/pads are too dusty. I heard that there is a TSB on rear pads being too hard on the rotors. But the service advisor insisted that it's normal. (hint: mazda in the US of A is being serviced by Ford technicians) I asked them to take a look at it at least but they told me that there is no MAZDA TECH on weekends. Wow, for working people like myself, we dont have time to bring it in on weekdays. Hence, we can only come in on weekends. I asked Claremont Mazda/Ford to check the poor A/C performance. Again, "sorry but we dont have any MAZDA TECH on weekends, you would need to bring it on weekdays."

    I've had my Mazda3 since July 2005. Had it serviced on Claremont Mazda/Ford twice already. On both occasions, I asked them to check the rear rotors/pads and A/C performance.

    Last saturday as I was driving from the supermarket with four passengers, my passengers complained of a foul odor, "something's burning!" The house was only 3 miles a way on a 35mph street. I pulled to the driveway and saw my rear rotors in red and smoking.

    I called Mazda 24-HR road side assistance and had it towed to a nearby dealership, Im 35 miles away from Claremont Mazda/Ford. The other dealership (Alhambra Mazda) provided me with a Chevy Cavalier while they work on my car. I believe they will start the work today because I got to the dealership at 4pm last saturday, they are closed on Sundays.

    Im not buying any Mazda again. Not because the quality of the car sucks but because the SERVICE quality sucks big time. Note to self, look at the quality of service after buying the car and not the quality of SALES service.

    This is probably why there are more loyal buyers of Honda and Toyota amongst Japanese manufacturers.

    If it werent for the wife, I'm selling this Mazda3 for a Scion xB. But Im still am! :bwahaha:

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    May 2004
    amp...tigas ng ulo kse. sabi etrade-in na eh

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by silverbx986
    amp...tigas ng ulo kse. sabi etrade-in na eh
    :twak: kung hindi lang sana ako up-side-down ng $5,000...

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    Jun 2005
    sorry to hear that karding! pads lang problema diba?

    bro in law ko asar din sa toyota dealer sa l.a. nagpa appointment sya sa service tagal din nya mag antay. kita pa niya yung ibang walk in, nauuna minsan (mga pilipino pa man din). di na sya bumalik, local japanese mechanic na lang (except repair ang kailangan).

    hayaan mo, dala ako ng extra redhorse sa next eb.
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    Oct 2002
    max, blue & red na ang kulay ng rotors nung nakita ko. hindi pa tumatawag ang Alhambra Mazda, sana later may status report na.

    On another note, nakita ko na naman yung silver A3 sa Rusnak..amf naka kit ang ayuf!

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    Jul 2005
    gayahin mo si silver amp nasira lang yung coin holder nung 4runner nya amp pinapalitan na agad ng ML55 AMG.. wala na talagang paglagyan ng pera si silver amp bili na lang ng bili

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    May 2004
    gwaps!!! tapos na skool?

    speaking of sira...nasa casa na naman un bxster. sira ignition switch. $600
    daw. amp...nila. sabi sa bxsterboard mga $140 lang yung parts eh...kaso
    di ako maalam magpalit

    tuloy daw socal EB sabi ni karding

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    Mar 2005
    Anong nangyari?? naiwan naka angat ng konti yung EBrake? pics naman... he he he

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    Aug 2004
    Wow... was about to pass it over, tapos nakita ko kay Karding mismo nangyari! Grabe!!!

    Hmm... lends credence to the reports of crashing 2.0s in the 'pines... baka recall na ito?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Karding... tama na kasi ang pag gaya sa Initial-D!!! hehehe... ;)

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Mazda3 rear rotors/pads went up in smoke