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    Nov 2005
    My "suking" car representative called me up 2-3 weeks ago asking if I'm still looking for a pick-up.

    He told me that Mazda will introduce a new pick-up line up October of this year. Prices daw will start at 900T.

    Any news from your end guys? Will they bring in the BT-50?

    Link to Mazda Thailand website:

    Mods, if may thread nang ganito paki-close or merge nlang. TIA

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    Apr 2006
    I couldn't open the Th site, but found this Au link instead.
    Been actually meaning to ask people here whether there are still brand new Mazda pickups being sold in the market. When I saw this post I thought I'd be more confused with regards to my ongoing short listing of a pickup wish list...

    aesthetics wise, I like it except for the Ranger similarity (but then, I guess that's why I liked it) and the big black bumper/trim. upfront.


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    Jul 2008
    More than the platform, it shares a lot with the Ranger.
    More choices is always better. But as a prospective customer, esp. in the provinces, there might be issues on dealership and product support.

    Something is wrong if Ford did not sell the current Ranger as compare to the Strada, Hilux, or even the Dmax.

    Brand perception perhaps? Indeed, they might bring the BT-50 as a test market ploy. If this sells well than the Ranger, then Ford is toast. Remember, Mazda pickups (B2200 and B2500) had a fair market share under the FMC stewardship. So may pag-asa.

    Or maybe the Tribute outselling the Escape? Again, might be due to limited dealership and poor product support.

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    Apr 2008
    This is a nice looking truck! One of my trucks is a b2500 and after 10 years and traveling for more than 205k kms, it's still running. Hopefully this truck would be at par with its previous predecessors when it comes to performance.

    The only thing I regret in owning that truck is that after, I think a year or two, we bought it in Sunny Motors (Q. Ave), all of a sudden, they don't recognize that product anymore so we were forced to have it serviced it in a casa like car shops and the parts are so hard to find. Either we'll buy a replacement or a brand new that will come from Ford.

    Nevertheless, when it comes to performance, I don't regret owning a Mazda pickup.

    Hopefully they would release this in the Philippine market and for sure, this will hold its share in the competition especially if the price is right.

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    Nov 2005
    I agree this truck "maybe" worth the wait.

    My daily ride in med school was a 6 months old hand-me-down 1992 B2200. Very nice riding comfort & most of all tipid sa DSL, I got 14-15Km/L in mix city & highway driving. And diesel price at that time, if Im not mistaken, was still around 12 or 15 pesos. The only downside for the B2200 was its small engine displacement, parang ang bagal mag-overtake. He he.

    To bad I had to sell it to my neighbor when I upgraded my ride. But if its any consolation, I can still see it almost everyday being driven by my neighbor.

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    Mar 2007
    mga sir, may 28 units na po ng mazda pickup sa bauan international port

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    Apr 2003
    Paparazzi pics naman diyan.

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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbo View Post
    If this sells well than the Ranger, then Ford is toast...
    +1 on that! plus the photos of the Mazda 3 for 2010 that had been circulating online!

    any updates on the pricing? variants?

    I could be wrong with i have in mind: a la tribute/escape- Ford's version was more for the rugged which is why they have the 4x4 variant. but Mazda's would just be the 4x2 urban SUV.

    Would it be the same for Pickups? Ford will continue to trek the mountains for the Ranger and Mazda will make a "GT/zoom zoom" version for the highway? I'm imagining a 4x2 3.0 TDCi M/T and A/T offering kung ganun...

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    Sep 2004
    The BT-50 looks sorely out of place among Mazda's current fleet of passenger cars and CUVs. I hope it doesn't ruin the "zoom-zoom" marketing formula, for Mazda's sake.

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    Mar 2006
    4x2 - <1,000,000 PHP

    4x4 - 1,300,000 + PHP

    Pictures and review will be posted soon

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Mazda (BT-50) Pick-up coming to RP?