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    Dec 2008
    Hi everybody,

    I'm an American and will be moving to Cebu City next year. I'd like to import my RX-8 since I love the car and I can't buy one there. I'm having trouble tracking down some information, so I'm wondering if you folks might know. Can somebody please tell me:

    1) What can I expect to pay on import duty and taxes for a 2006 RX-8 (MSRP US$32,000 with a blue book value of $18,500)? It seems they base the import costs on piston count and displacement. Since my car has no pistons and small displacement (1.3L) does that work in my favor or against me?

    2) Will Mazda dealers be able to service my car? If not, are there specialty shops that could do so? I don't mind waiting for parts if necessary as it's mostly a pleasure vehicle for me. I just want to avoid spending a bunch of money to import it and then have something break that makes it worthless.

    Thanks a lot!


    p.s., I don't speak tagalog (yet!). ;)

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    Sep 2006
    Good day sir,

    Awesome car you have there! Welcome to the Philippines next year! yey! I suggest you log in to our local Philippine Mazda club website at

    Steps are as follows:

    1- register at

    2- then click the forum section at

    3- introduce yourself in the Lobby section

    4- Post away your queries there or at the Off-Topics section

    Im sure mazdatech will be of great help to your query. We also have a Cebu Sector of Mazdatech.

    Cheers and looking forward in seeing you in our forums. You can also PM our president BPboy

    Mazdatech Philippines

Importing my RX-8 to the RP