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    Jul 2010
    Yesterday, the fuel gauge lit-up so i brought the car to a gasoline station. I have only 400ph in my wallet so I ask the gasoline boy to fill-up the tank with 400ph worth of gasoline. Roughly that is about 7.5gallons. Unfortunately, during the filling-up process, I failed to check if the gasoline meter is set to 0 before the gasoline boy started filling up the car. I noticed the fuel gauge needle did not move and it stay lit... but I did not mind..

    I said to myself it will move once the car started moving... however, a few minutes of driving the fuel gauge remain lit so I tried parking on a steep portion of driveway assuming inclining the car will cause the gasoline level to incline and agitate the float mechanism inside the fuel tank and return a signal on the fuel gauge. Unfortunately nothing happened... So I return to the gasoline station and told them the problem..

    The gasoline boy did not get my attention during fill-up. Assuming he may have not fill-up the car after all or maybe the gasoline station is pumping air and not gas. But they said, they have no problem with their gas station and ask me to return the next day since the manager already left since its already past 8pm. So as not to wait till the next day, I ask them to fill-up additional 500ph worth of gasoline just to clear once and for all if the gasoline station has the problem or my car. 400+ 500ph is a total of 900pesos equivalent to 16.8gallons... 16.8 gallons is enough to move the fuel gauge meter... but still the fuel gauge did not respond...

    NOW im not sure if the problem is with my car's fuel gauge, pump or sending unit. Does anyone here experience the same kind of problem? How to know if the problem is the sending unit? or pump? or gauge?
    My car is fairly new... just a year and 3 months.. I don't think the fuel gauge will wear that easily... but just an info.. more often I re-fuel my car once the fuel gauge light turns on or sometime after driving a few kilometers more. I read not enough fuel to lubricate and cool the pump will cause premature failure of the fuel pump.. Is this true?

    Appreciate your help thanks!

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    Jan 2009
    1st of all, I think you meant liters, not gallons.

    2nd. After you've loaded roughly 16 liters, did the low fuel warning light went out? You may want to try filling it up to full. I know that the fuel gauge system has an inherent delay in it to prevent spurious readings as gas is sploshed around inside the tank. It will probably take awhile for the gauge to respond if the change in fuel quantity is not significant enough.

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    Jul 2010
    No.. the fuel gauge light is still on. I tried turning off and on the car but still the same.. However, just yesterday the fuel gauge responded.. the needle move from zero to maybe a quarter.. I think you are right there is a delay in the fuel gauge system..

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    May 2007
    I don't know if there's anybody here who would concur with my explanation. As with my 3, the same thing happens if you fuel up for less than 500 pesos. The gauge would not move but when I did some checks on mine, the distance to empty range, (play with the multi-information display and it would slowly.

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    Oct 2014
    Mga sir pa help naman. I just encountered this problem today. Normal na fill up ko ng gas is 500 to 1000 lang. Since mababa ang gas ngayon I decided to fill 1500. Upon starting the car okay yung fuel reading pero upon driving I noticed na naging 1/4 nalang then bumaba sa almost empty then umilaw yung yellow fuel light. Nag stop ako to check for leaking fuel pero wala naman ako makita sa daanan and no smell of fuel. Nakauwi naman ako without any problems, just a fuel gauge in the empty line with warning light on.

    Yun po kayang fuel sending unit ang problema neto? May car is 2006 MAzda 3 2.0R with 66KM. San po kya pwede i pa ayos ito mga sir. Please help. Thanks po in advance.

Help!..Mazda 3 Fuel Gauge Problem