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    Mar 2013
    to all who are already veteran and pros in here,

    I'm new here guys, sorry if I have to post a new thread just to ask a simple question. I just really want to know your advice and opinion about this car deal. The link to the car deal is on the title.

    Is it worth it? or I mean to say is it legit? that its price is that low? sorry newbie/noob here. I really want to buy this car as my 1st/practice car. home-to-school and school-to-home basis per se. And I don't know if it is legit or what 'cause as I observed, almost all of the 2005 models of mazda are resell at 300++k and above. And this one's quite the exception. Also if it is legit, is it worth it? I mean not mostly about performance but the F.C (fuel consumption)? Thanks! =D

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    Nov 2002
    The mazda 6 has a low resale value. basically most mazda cars do depreciate a lot, so resale value is really down. there isn't much demand/buyers for the mazda 6 thus its low resale value.
    the price for the 2005 mazda 6 is just about right. checking the link, the seller is a buy and sell agent and i think the low price is due to the fact that he is having a hard time selling the unit thus lowering the price. You still need a mechanic to check the unit if its flooded or has been into an accident. double check all the papers with LTO and TMG.

    Now with regards to owning the mazda 6, its a slightly bigger executive car than your civic/altis which equates to a lower fuel consumption due to the heavier weight but offset by a bigger interior/larger trunk.
    I am not too sure of the mazda 6 2.0L engines consumption but the 2.3L engine i have does around 7.5km/L in pure city/traffic driving.
    The mazda 6 has its faults thou, the suspension is a bit stiff and noisy for some plus parts are slightly more expensive and harder to find than your standard toyota. this also contributes to its low resale value.

    My suggestion is if its gonna be your first/practice car, try getting a corolla altis/ honda civic. their parts are cheaper and easier to buy just in case you get into any fender benders/minor accidents plus their fuel consumption is better than the mazda 6 2.0L.

    i own a 2007 mazda 6 2.3L. its not a car for everyone since its ride if firmer than other cars but its handling is top notch. if performance or handling is a priority than fuel consumption and ride quality then this is a car you would want.

    Now the car in ads is tempting due to price but i suggest if you can increase your budget and try to find a 400k+ 2006 mazda 6 2.3L model. the engine is better/ more powerful, interior is nicer, transmission is tiptronic, has 6 airbags and is a CBU from japan.

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    Mar 2013
    thank you so much for the info; I appreciate it really. And I'll consider your advice, gonna think about it. THANKS! =D

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