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    Oct 2008
    Hello. I hope some folks could help enlighten me on this.

    Interested kasi ako bumili 2nd hand na mazda and may 2 nago-offer sa kin. Ung isa 97 mazda familia gen 2, ung isa naman '97 mazda speed. Ano po ba difference ng Mazda Familia Gen 2 sa Mazda Speed?

    Same lang sila halos ng price, m/t ung familia while a/t ung speed. May mga minor mods ung exterior and engine ng familia (stock ang interior), while stock lahat yung speed. I think di din sila nagkakalayo ng mileage.

    Ano pa po ba ang good point of comparison nilang 2?
    What are the distinguishing features of each? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one model over the other?

    Any inputs you can give to help me in buying my first mazda would be very appreciated.



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    Sep 2006
    sir try to log in at

    in a nut shell, both are gen 2's...the mazdaspeed is the oem souped up version with original working upgrades ( not only aesthetics ) like the strutbars,steering wheel,Eibach springs,Ms shocks,bodykits etc...both cars have 1.6l efi engines...medyo rare na ang MS ( Mazda Speed )

    visit ka na lang sa site for more info...hth

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    Oct 2008
    thanks po for the info. so technically, halos pareho lang ba silang 2 ng fuel consumption?

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    Sep 2006
    yep, they both have the same engine... gen 2's have 2 variants gli and glx both are 1.6 efi's.... only the gen1 and gen 2.5 have the 1.3 versions in carb

    consumption? same lang...try to visit the site, very informative, youll know almost everything youll need to know before purchasing your mazda

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    Oct 2002
    actually, the familia is the 8th generation 323. we call it the gen2 since this was the 2nd model released by mazda locally.

    rfb arki is right. kits,accessories and real performance parts ang difference ng familia vs mazdaspeed familia
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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mondiepie View Post
    thanks po for the info. so technically, halos pareho lang ba silang 2 ng fuel consumption?
    there may be slight differences in the consumption. as you said the gen 2 is MT while the speed is AT. there's roughly a 2 km/l difference between them. plus the fact that the speed may be heavier because of the skirts, spoiler, strutbar, mags, etc.

    but i like the mazdaspeed. ganda ng porma. for daily use, mas ok yung non-speed. sa speed kasi delikado sa humps at parking dividers yung chin nya. usually tinatanggal ng iba.

'97 Mazda Familia Gen2 vs. '97 Mazda Speed