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    Feb 2005
    mga sir nagpapalit ako ng radiator fan recently and i noticed that the direction of the airflow of the fan was towards the engine, is this right? i thought it's supposed to be towards the radiator fins? tama ba o mali ang pagkaka-kabit ng rad fan ko? one more thing, pag umandar naman sya, few seconds (5-6 sec.) lang andar nya tapos hinto agad?!

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    Oct 2002
    The engine driven fan (yung may fanbelt) is supposed to drive air backwards. It will suck the air from behind the radiator.

    For electric fans mounted in front of the radiator, it is supposed to force air into it (and the a/c condenser).

    Typical rule of the thumb is airflow goes from the front of the vehicle going to the rear.
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    Jul 2003
    yah! that's true!
    Towards the Engine, because if the vehicle moves, the air from the front grille moves In- the radiator suck by the FAN to Engine..

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    Feb 2005
    thanks sir Otep for the assuring answer! and what about my second question, ganon po ba talaga dapat takbo nya? only for a few seconds then hinto agad?

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    Nov 2005
    Yes, it(a.k.a aux fan) sucks the air from outside. It passes thru the

    radiator, therefore it helps lower the coolant temp inside the radiator.

    As per the fan connected to the engine, it's also designed to suck

    outside air inward to cools down the engine.
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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by box_type View Post
    what about my second question, ganon po ba talaga dapat takbo nya? only for a few seconds then hinto agad?
    It should be sychronized with the a/c compressor. As a/c compressor

    increased the load of the engine, it really needs additional cooling help

    from the aux fan.

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    May 2006
    Thats' right, ON sya sandali then OFF na. Helps keep the engine at normal temp that is if electric ang fan mo.
    Pag umiinit na yun engine, On sya, then pag bumababa na temps...OFF na sya.

    Belt driven fans are on if the engine is running...ika nga..belt.

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    kaya sandali lang din nabubuhay kung walang aircon kasi connected siya sa thermo-switch located sa radiator.

    much better set-up na yon kaysa sa rekta(alwayz-on on "on"-position) easiy on the carbon brush)

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    Nov 2005
    i changed from stock airbox to SRI - when traffic syempre the aux fan/rad fan heats the sri as well. any suggestion to avoid heating the SRI? Well of course to change it back to stock airbox is another solution... May mga DIY ba dyan? thanks.

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    coveran mo ng heatshield ung sides ng airfilter mo facing the engine.

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Rad Fan airflow direction