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    Oct 2006
    i have an innova J and an R16 mags.
    am planning to buy tires and was thinking of 235/60/R16.
    is there any tsikotiers who have used that tire size for their innova? ok ba ang fit?
    is there any recommendation from the gurus here in terms of tire size to fit R16? i would have wanted a bigger tire coz i dont think the stock is really in proportion with the body size. the R16 mags was just given to me kaya i-utilize ko na lang.
    stock is: 205/65/R15

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    Mar 2005
    stock = 25.5" diameter
    planned = 27.1" diameter... hmm, sobrang laki ng difference.

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    Oct 2002
    mag 215/60/16 ka na lang

    new = 26.2

    konti lang difference...

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    Oct 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Bravoexo View Post
    stock = 25.5" diameter
    planned = 27.1" diameter... hmm, sobrang laki ng difference.
    para kasi anliit ng stock sa body nya e. hindi sila proportion kaya am thinking of increasing wheel size.

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    Aug 2004
    If you exceed the stock diameter by too much, the tires may rub under full load. I think two inches total is okay (that's 1" extra wheel to fill the wheel well), but if they're too wide, they may still rub anyway.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2004
    hindi lang yung rubbing on full load... baka mag iba din basa nung ECU sa ikot nang gulong (kung may sensors para dun ang innova ha..)

    tsaka making your tire wider that stock would place more stress on your steering..... mas malaki friction pag mag turn... altough mas maganda yan kasi mas malaki contact patch mo sa lupa at any given time

    also.. pag nag baba ka nang series, mas magiging matigas gulong mo stess on suspension naman.... up to you dude...

    pero pangit nga gulong nang innova.... di bagay... para tuloy sya yung aso na mukhang hotdog

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