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    Feb 2010
    Dont know if its the right place to post my experience, please move it if not.

    I recently replaced my two 16's tires sa freddies in evangelista makati, knowing na marami ako nakikita nagrerefer dito, hindi na ako naghesitate bumili ng tires and although nakapagcanvass ako ng price ng tire na to sa ibang sellers, nakalimutan ko naman yun price na nacanvass ko.

    anyways, nasa Makati na din kasi ako that day, btw im from laguna, so i decided to replace my two tires sa freddies, I asked their personel if how much is the price ng yoko a-drive, and he said 5700 each, so i bought two tires and they installed it. The tire is excellent and no comments about it.

    2 days later, i washed my car, and noticed na may dent sa ilalim ng car. Naku, suddenly i just thought na eto siguro yun place na pinaglagyan ng jack to lift my car, the personel didn't position the jack correctly underneath so ayun instant dent.

    And the worst part, my friend was planning to buy 1 set of the same tires and he mentioned to me na the price of that tire when he called freddies was 4700 each. Price decrease was 1000 in just 4 days?

    Kaya nga ako nagpunta dun because i heard good news about that store. But siguro Its my fault also, even though you trust them, dapat inspect their procedures carefully especially in placing jacks and dapat dont forget the price na nakanvass mo.

    sayang tuloy ang 2k.
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    Aug 2009
    I was gonna go there this weekend to have my SUV tires changed (all 4 of them). Bumalik po ba kayo to complain on the quality of their work? Since its a reputable shop, probably they will hear customer complains and do something about it? Now I'm having second thoughts of going there.

    By the way, would you any anybody know if Freddie's trade tires?

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    Feb 2010

    Not yet, hindi pa ako nakakabalik to complain, medyo malayo kasi ako and also wala pa ako available time due to work.

    Sa tingin ko naman minalas lang talaga ako, but for a mere fact, mas marami pa din ang satisfied customers nila. Siguro check mo nalang maigi to prevent it from happening.

    As for trading tires, yun old tires ko binili nila for 400 pesos each, so they deducted that amount to the new ones.


    though i tried my best to construct my paragraph correct but still isn't good enough, my apologies. im sorry if you thought that this place is an elementary school for me. Promise to review my books.

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