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    May 2004
    anong size ng wheels and tires ang bagay sa terrano para pogi? san sa manila maganda bumili para maraming choices at ano price range?

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    Oct 2002
    go for 31x10.5!!! Stock tires yan ng Pajeros, Patrols etc.

    Bagay na bagay. We Bridgestones dati sa Terrano ang pogi ang dating, it fills out the space of the stock wheels which simply look too thin.

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    May 2004
    I'd go for 265/70/r16's Bridgestones A/T Revo's! Highly regarded in 4X4 forums for 80% hiway and 20% offroad use, very quiet and rugged looking at the same time! A bit expensive though:D

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    Oct 2002
    31X10.5R15 was the optional wheel and tire package of the Terrano in many markets during its time.
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    Nov 2002
    un ang nakalagay sa teranno ng uncle ko..

    new but old stock din nya nakuha.. kargado na.. hinde na mukhang pangit.hehe

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    Dec 2003
    Mine is 265/70/r16 (thats about 31+, not yet 32) just like josh suggested. You will need to slightly lift the Terrano to 1-2 inches. Torsion bar crank and maybe spacers at the back. I have an aftermarket shocks so its was lifted a bit. Slight rubbing on the left inner wheel well on full lock, as in really slight not enough to be seen on the rubber just a shiny pitman arm. 31x10.5r15 sure na kasya, actually I tried to save a bit on my fathers Terrano and bought him 265/70r15. Its slightly smaller but its cheaper by 400 a tire, thats 1,600 for all tires.

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