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    Dec 2002
    Engine oil: CC, CD or CE. sae 15W-40, 20W-50
    Coolant: 1:1 ethylene glycol
    Brake syst: DOT-3
    Power Steering: DEXRON IIE
    Transmission: DEXRON IIE
    (Note: Handbook says DEXRON III)
    Rear and front axle: GL5, sae80W-140
    propeller shafts: grease with MoS2
    Diesel fuel: No.2 JIS, DIN51601, No.2-D SAE

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    Dec 2002
    For which engine type are the engine oil specs- 4GJ2?
    What's the oil for the transfer case in 4x4 models?
    Rear axle gear oil may need LSD oil if it has one.

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    Dec 2002
    yes, pang 4JG2 yung specs. GL5 yung rear axle pag may LSD. Transfer case: SAE5W-30SF or engine oil.

Trooper/Big Horn: fluids,fuels