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    may I ask sir what is the use/purpose for the needed increased clearance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LN106G View Post
    Increasing your tire diameter without lifting your vehicle will surely give you rubbing issues between your tire and fender/wheel wells as well as during cornering.

    You can actually crank up your OEM torsion bar to gain 1.5-2" of lift but cranking it more to gain additional lift will give you harsh ride, impaired steering geometry, misaligned CV joints and stressed out suspension components. Yours is an IFS (independent front suspension) and lifting it requires properly engineered kit to achieve favorable results.

    Yes, It is possible to change stock torsion bars. Specialized 4x4 lift kits offer such and are sold as set (2pcs torsion bars, 4 pcs shocks, 1 pair leaf spring). They are being offered depending on how much lift you want on your rig. Notable brands are Ironman, Old Man Emu (OME), TJM, Tough Dog, etc. Said brands are Made in Australia..

    so increasing ground clearance 2-3" safely requires lift kits?
    do you know how much will it cost? (kits and labor)
    do you know shops that do this?

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