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    Oct 2002
    Last Saturday, ang oil dipstick ng trooper, is only a tad higher sa minimum.

    Immed, nagpalit ako kaagad ng oil. Then we measured yong na-drain, pero nasa tama namang sukat at 7 liters. Previous oil used was delvac 1 5w40, then same pa rin ang kinarga ko ngayon.

    Dati nangyari na rin ito noong besco oil. This, never occured with petron 5w30.

    Strange, saan kaya napunta ang oil? wala namang leak

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    Jan 1970
    On a summer last year I did a 450-km. countryside run over two days with Castrol Elixion 5W-30 fully-synthetic starting at full mark. At the end of the run the oil level has gone down to below halfway between extreme marks. I thought then it was normal considering the Trooper reached an average speed of almost 90 kph.

    This summer, following almost the same route, total distance, duration and average speed as last year, but this time with Delvac 1 5W-40 / Besco 10W-30 with 3.2 / 4.0 mix-ratio, on-board, surprisingly, oil consumption was very, very minimal.

    IMHO, oil consumption is very much dependent on the quality of the oil, so much so that I've standardized my oil usage as follows: During the summer months, 3.2/4.0 mix of Delvac 1/Besco oils and 3.2/4.0 mix of Elixion/Besco oils for the rest of the year.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks ondoy

Oil Level for Trooper