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    Oct 2002
    I am looking at an Isuzu MU for this price,
    I have seen the car. Ok pa ang paint, interior and aircon and the engine superb pa...

    I know this is imported, what are the things I need to check? Ok naman dashboard, di gaano halata conversion. Ok ba parts availability, mura pa? hows the gas consumption?

    Please help need to decide this weekend.... Ok ba price? sabi nung owner 2002 model daw...

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    Aug 2003
    Bilhin mo nalang yung kay tebs da best pa...alaga

    calling tebs nandyan pa ba MU mo?
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    Oct 2002
    yup yung kay tebs, alaga yun, nakita ko na yun.

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    Oct 2002
    hehe.. kayo talaga. bait nyo

    sir matrixx,
    the selling price is really 270k, pero because you're a member of, ibababa ko sa price nyo at 250K. pero fixed na po yan.

    it's been with me for 3 yrs na. bagong linis lang yung aircon. sobrang lamig. engine wise, lakas ng hatak. you can ask boknoyxtrm2001 abt dat.

    sa registration, 2000 ang nakasulat. pero as per my research about the vehicle, i think its around 1994. if we're talking about the same model, i have the 2.8L turbo diesel (4jb1) engine. power steering, and windows.

    you can see the unit here in caloocan. you can contact me at 0920-9231908.

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    Oct 2002
    Boto din ako sa MU ni tebs. Blue siya parang Smurf.

    May MU owner's manual ako dito. Pwedeng ilagay sa CD.

    Parts are almost the same as the pick up series of the same vintage.
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    matrixx: maraming kailangan i-check dyan. Sa conversion:steering conversion,aircon, dashboard. Sa engine check if it's not yet eating oil, smooth idling. Check more closely coz kahit sa oto beauty is more than skin deep. One thing for sure HINDI 2002 model yan. 92-96 yan if 4JG2 yung motor.

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    4JB1 is a very good motor. 100hp

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    Oct 2002
    meron din akong manual sa computer

    smurf ba? hehehe :D

    im sure about my steering, coz i've been using it for 3 years and it was bought before the auction craze started. so i believe the quality of conversion was still relatively good then

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    Oct 2002

    Seen, Drove, played with Tebs MU isa lang ang masasabi ko

    1.) GOOD ENGINE.. ganda pa nang PULL
    2.) A/C is OK lamig.. (ZEXEL ba naman)
    3.) Steering Conversion - Done some testing together with my friend from the farawy. OK daw ang conversion.

    SO IMO this is a good buy... binibili ko na nga lang kay TEBS nang 200 meron ako dito 200 pesos ayaw tangapin hehehehehe

    Pero seriously OK SIYA

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    Aug 2003
    o yan from the Isuzu Master Boknoyxtrm2001
    na ang nagsabi....ano pa hahanapin mo

    good buy to bro....tsikoteer pa may ari... :D

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Isuzu MU at 250T, ok ba?