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    Dec 2002
    ako din.... will try makapunta...

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    Dec 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP
    May sakit ang little angel ni boknoy? Wawa naman...

    Shet, alfredo pala ang name ni Boy2! Pareho kay ni afrasay. Hehehe.

    Petron SLEX? Diyan din ang first ever EB way back then. Ah, the memories.


    hehehe... ngayon ko lang po nabasa etong post mo na to a... kaya nga Po Boy2 na lang para hindi nakakahiya kay PSG...

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    Dec 2002
    kadadating ko lang galing sa EB!!

    pasensiya na po kahit medyo na-una akong umuwi... yaan niyo po next time... pag ako na nag d-drive magtatagal na ako sa mga EB!:mrgreen: ....hmmmm kelan pa kaya yun? :oops:

    Nice meeting you guys!!!

    Boss tebats,

    Post na Pics!!! :lol:

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    Oct 2002

    eto na yung link, medyo malabo.

    di ko rin maayos nang mabuti. tutulog muna ako. tom ko na uli aayusin

    gud nyt peeps

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    Dec 2002
    bad trip!!! :cry: I missed this one. Ok yung mga pix ha. Sa susunod...

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    Nov 2002

    kakainggit ah..


    kaialn to mauulit?

    sasama na ko!!


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    Oct 2002
    the isuzu boys finally had its first EB last Friday night, kahit konti lang dumating (2 hilanders - w/c of course inlcudes master boknoy's XTRM, 2 crosswinds - CJ's silver Xwind and my green machine --, the isuzu big brother Trooper of Boy2-- who was the youngest and yet came in with the biggest ride! hanep! :D and of course, to top it off, the mean looking Isuzu MU of tebats - , meron pang surprise na dumating, akala namin kasama sa EB -- an Isuzu dumptruck!! baka kako si president bulldog nagpalit na ng ride from Fuego to Isuzu megatruck! , it was a nice EB. a good start for this group. nice meeting you all guys... at yung mga di nakarating, next time sama na kayo! may mga diniscuss si master boknoy during the EB which we hope will attract more members... ang pinaka-main objective ay ma-recognize tayo ng Isuzu Philippines as a legitimate Isuzu vehicle owner's club. master boknoy will lay out the deatails and specific objectives of the group tapos iaayos na lang namin ni tebats.

    thanks also to steve a.k.a. tebats for posting the pics... ganda ng MU mo pre. :wink:
    kaw ang aming official rep sa offroaders section ng DC org ha, pag sumama kami sa offroad, hilahin mo kaming lahat :lol: :lol: :lol:

    so... till next EB.

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    Oct 2002
    congrats sa inyo mukang masaya eb ah :mrgreen:

    nanlibre ba si boknoy?

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    Oct 2002
    Mga peeps,

    Good Morning......

    The EB last friday of the proposed Isuzu Club Went well. eventhough there are few attendees..... it all went well some of the noted members of Dieselclub and offroad people are there.

    Tebats - Secretary of and his MU vehicle
    Kiko and Boy - member and my partners and their Highlander
    Boknoxytrm2001 - P.R.O of and my XTRM
    rsnald - Future "President of Isuzu Club" and his XTO
    CJ and his loving wife - and there Astral Silver XTO
    boy2 - minus otomotic and offroad_express mom and there Trooper.

    The following topics were discussed.

    1.) That the Isuzu Club is an affiliate of and not a breakaway group
    2.) That the Isuzu Club must be recognized as a consumer partner of Isuzu Philippines Corp. as a legitimate partner
    3.) One of the benefits is the discount or other free offerings of Dealers nationwide
    4.) That the Isuzu Club will be a reliable partner in there fun runs, service caravan that will promote Isuzu as one of the leading Diesel Manufacturers
    5.) That the group will be automatically a member of Dieselclub once the application is approved.

    These are some of the things discussed......

    What we need to achieve this.....

    1.) Must Create a formal letter address to Management of Isuzu Phil. Corp. introducing the club, our goals and the request to be an affiliate.

    2.) Continue to draw up members to increase the roster of Isuzu Owners

    3.) Other things that I forgot to mention.

    Kailangan namin nang magaling na susulat nang letter.... I will research on to whom shall we give the letter.

    Baka may nalimutan pa ako.......

    Maraming salamat sa Kia Pregio na nakaparada sa the Fort...... mabuhay ka

    Pakidagdagan na lang

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    Oct 2002
    to boknoy, rsnald, tebats, boy2, kiko and boy:

    nice meeting all of you!

    (finally may mukha nang yung mga handles ) :lol:

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isuzu club anyone? .... update:  First EB pics uploaded!