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    Jun 2008
    I have this annoying and very serious problem w/ my isuzu pickup, for the past 2 years, 3 times na nakalas ung BALL JOINT ng TFR ko. since the 1st instance i have been cautious w/ greasing and regular check-up ng mechanic ung ball-joints. just this week bumagsak nanaman, but what 's bothering is, bumagsak ung ball joint ko na wla man lang sign. Before mapapansin ko, may squeeking sound sa gulong and minsan bumibigat ung steering, kaya napapalitan ko ung last na bumagsak ung ball joint wla man lang symptons. Pag dumagsak pa naman ung ball joint your car will be stuck sa middle ng road kse, makakalas ung buong gulong and hindi mo maitutulak kse naka sayad ung suspension sa lupa. Hassle sobra

    i admit i'm replacing the ball joints w/ REPLACEMENT parts, but sobrang bilis naman masira na every 6 months pinapalitan ko. what's concerning is buti nalang bumabagsak ung ball joint ko 3 times na na mabagal ang takbo ko. what if mabilis takbo ko and bigla nalang kumalas, i can't imagine what disaster that would be.

    i've been using may TFR since 1994, it has serve me and our family very well for 14 years now and up to now it's still dependable maliban lang sa BALL JOINTS problems. I'm planning to replace all four ball joints now using only GENUINE ISUZU PARTS, i've had it w/ replacments, i've learned my lesson, pro right now im on a tight budget so im still running using my replacement ball joint parts...

    add ko lang another problem my TFR has is masyado sya makalog even sa humps masyado bumabagsak and kumakalampag...should i change my shock absorbers? i have change lahat ng rubber gaskets sa ilalim. any recommendations sa brand ng shock absorbers? or isuzu original parts parin gamtiin ko?

    Any suggestions, recommendations and personal experiences regarding ball joints will be gladly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  2. FrankDrebin Guest
    Sir, baka sira na yung shocks mo kaya mabilis masira ang balljoints at iba pang suspension parts?

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    Jun 2008
    check rancho rs5000(3.5k each). it is durable and hill hold the weight of your tfr, meaning hindi cya mag lean sa biglang cornering. but stiffer ride cya. but i like it theat way, it improves the handling.
    if you like car like comfort, then go for old man emu(5k each) or you can get the cheaper one yet matibay din, the monroe gas matic(900each)

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    Jun 2004
    i've installed 555 ball joints on my gf fuego. and no problem for the last two years. from what you posted. your shox are dead. best to replace them. i would suggest to get gas shox.

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    Nov 2002
    Sino ba ang supplier ng monroe gas matics dito sa manila? Same problem din sa tfr ko, busted na ang shocks. Are monroe shocks better than KYBs?

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    Jun 2008
    thanks for the reply guys, my mechanic told tested the shocks, kinalog nya ung pickup and said "ok pa naman shocks ngbobounce pa sya" in my experience sobra makalog parin specially when im running ON CONCRETE ROAD, pro its a smooth ride on an ASPALT ROAD.

    based on your recommendations, noone suggested the original isuzu parts for my shocks, may i know why? do you have personal experiences w/ isuzu's shocks? any performance issues? but based on my experience it's really durable my pickup still uses the original shocks since 1994 only one has been replaced.

    for my ball joints namn so far im still monitoring the one's nakakabit, so far everything looks good, im still saving for my original isuzu ball joints. kakatakot lng tumakbo ng mabilis because traumatized parin ako based on my experiences sa ball joints, since the 3 accidents i've never had a piece of mind when driving my pickup...i HOPE when i installed my new orig parts it'll change my perception and sana bumalik tiwala ko kay suzzie...hehe that's my pickups name.

    Thanks again for taking time to read my thread..appreciate it.

    wag sana mgsawa mg reply im learning a lot from you experts.

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    Jan 2008
    yung mga L300 ganyan din may possibility na malaglag yung ball joint.. baliktad kasi ang kabit ng ball joint as per design yung stress ng springs eh nakapatong sa ball joint kaya tendency pag lumuwag eh malaglag... try mo na din palitan ng gas shocks para ma lessen yung movement ng ball joints mo.. hindi sapat yung kinalog lang yung auto mo para malaman kung buo or hindi ang shocks..try mo use ng ibang brands ng ball joints.. kung hindi naman nalubog sa baha yung pick up mo wag masyado lagay ng grease kasi masisira yan pag sobra ang grease.. pa check mo din ang CAMBER alignment

  8. FrankDrebin Guest
    Bossing 1ceman,

    Maski sira or ok pa ang shocks nagbabounce pa rin ang sasakyan. :D

Help! Isuzu Pick-up 94' TFR (ball joint issues)