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    Sep 2007
    I was about to move forward with my Crosswind xto AT after a brief parking, when I felt, as I held the gearshift lever to move to D, that lever is loose.

    I could easily move the lever from one end of gear selectors, from P to D. The lever felt as if it's no linger connected to the engine.

    I turned off and restarted but the gearshift felt the same...loose. I put it at D and press the accelerator but no go.

    I called a mechanic. He crawled under and then asked for some string. No time to lose since it was already evening, I gave my shoelace and afterwards, he motioned me to start the engine and the gearshift returned to normal.

    The repair allowed me to go home (minus my shoelace but was glad) and I would bring the vehicle to the shop next day for a lasting repair.

    My question is: What happened underneath the car that made the gearshift lever loose?

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    Sep 2009

    Natanggal ung pagkakaribbon ng sintas ng Nike Crosswind mo bro... hehehe

    Kidding aside, I have no idea.

    Anyone? A/T din kasi xwind ko baka mangyari sakin pra alam ko na ung gagawin ko in case.

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    Sep 2007
    well, I found out later that our Crosswind xto AT has a cable that goes under the vehicle connected to the gear housing. This cable was disconnected when the PLASTIC ( what the mechanic told me) lock got broken and fell out.

    I thought it was a big trouble. The mechanic fashioned a welded nut and bolt mechanism to replace the mooring device for the cable.

    *butirog: don't travel with your crosswind without your shoelaces. seriously, maybe, check out that plastic lock when the vehicle is lifted.

Gearshift of my Crosswind 2002 xto AT is loose.