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    Apr 2011
    This morning when I warmed up the car, as I rev it up I noticed there is a whine I think in the turbo or the engine because it only occurs when I rev up the engine *2k rpm and above. When I let go of the pedal there's this "tshwshwshwsh" sound. I tried using it around the village and it still runs fine. It's just quite alarming because this could lead to a bigger problem. BTW the Dmax is 2004 model 3.0 TDi. TIA

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    Jun 2011
    I have the same problem with my xwind. Pinacheck ko mechanic ko and the whinning sound ay galing sa turbo almost 1year na now hindi ko pa napaayos kasi wala ako makitang mechanic na marunong sa turbo.

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    Apr 2011
    Ganun ba sir? try niyo kaya sa mga shop na nagaayos ng mga pangracing na sasakyan. For sure maya alm yun sa pagaayos ng turbo hehehe. Try ko ipacheck pag may time.

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    Feb 2010
    Try to check the hose from air cleaner to Turbo intake, baka na dislodge/disconnect. That's what happened to my carnival before, I was surprised why there was a whinning sound and its unusual, when I check it, disconnected pala yung hose. Hindi naibalik sa nag change oil.

Dmax whine when revving up