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    I know a Crosswind/Sportivo manual transmission has about 13 km/ liter fuel
    consumption performance, how about an automatic? I heard some say it is 8km, while some say it is 10km. I'm using a CRV matic with performance of about 6km/liter. I plan to upgrade to Isuzu Crosswind/Sportivo for the better fuel efficiency. But is it really only a 8km/liter improvement (Note: Automatic)? Pls. confirm. I know diesel costs lesser but I'm concerned about the actual consumption too. What's yours? (pls. specify if it is automatic or manual and year made). Thanks.

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    Aug 2004
    8km/l in traffic. In similar traffic, our MT gets 10km/l. On the highway, the MT can top 14-16 km/l, while the AT hits 12-14 km/l. The consumption is nowhere near as good as the MT because the engine lacks the torque to pull it through the long gears, so you end up mashing the gas just to move forward.

    But compared to the CRV's 4-6 km/l in traffic, 8 km/l... especially if it's done using cheap diesel... is a Godsend.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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