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    May 2009
    Hi! I'm planning to buy crosswind XUV A/T, can someone tell me if im making the right decision by choosing it over mitsubishi adventure glx? matipid ba sya talaga sa diesel? and is it worth your money considering its much more expensive than the glx? thanks..

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    May 2009
    Syempre A/T yan compared to M/T ng Adventure. It'd would be easier to drive in the city but I can't say the same for the engine and cabin noise it produces. The Adventure gets better milage at 11-12km/l of course since it's a manual but the XUV AT also can get good milage, around 9-10km/l last time I read. If I were you, please do look at the Innova G D4D A/T, around the same price range. It comes with a better engine, and is more updated compared to the XUV. The XUV is almost a decade old (2001 pa ata yung unang labas) with little updates every year or so but is still essentially the same vehicle.

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    Feb 2005
    I'm a Xwind owner myself (an MT XUVi) and here are my comments:

    1. Fuel efficiency - since mine is an MT, I don't know about the efficiency of
    the AT. Ang MT talagang fuel-efficient - all Xwind owners can attest to

    2. Looks - Xwind is more handsome and macho-looking by a mile (personal
    opinion lang, peace adventure owners)

    3. Legroom - much more bigger ang Xwind. Pag may bisita kami, nag-
    uunahan sumakay sa akin, keysa sa Adventure ng friend ko.

    4. Sound system - mas superior ang Xwind specially XUV & Sportivo -
    branded pa

    5. Maintenance - low ang Xwind, mas economical, ang parts availability wala
    kang problema.

    6. Engine noise - I believe yung bagong models, more quiet na & di na sya
    tagtag kasi nagchange na ang Isuzu ng suspension system

    7. Height - so far pinakamatangkad pa rin ang Xwind (try comparing the
    height of the competitors in its class) - 2nd lang ang Adventure. Pag
    baha, the higher the vehicle, the better.

    Ang isang nirereklamo ko lang sa kanya is matagal ang pick-up nya (maybe better ang AT kasi may Turbo) kaya parati akong napapahiya pag nag-o-overtake. Once maka pickup na sya ng speed, mabilis naman. Hehehe...

    Good luck!

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    Aug 2004
    The AT gets around 8-10 km/l in the same conditions the MT gets 10-12 km/l in.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    May 2009
    Thank you very much for the very detailed information, i really appreciate it thanks to all those who replied. I visited isuzu balintawak and sabi nila they will be releasing the 09 model 2nd week of June, maybe color variants daw mag change and some lighting features pero mas mahal na konti, is it better to wait for the 09 model?

All Crosswind XUV A/T owners, Help!!