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    Apr 2004
    bought a 2nd hand car lately... turned out the fabric seats under the seatcovers are dirty and stink like someone with bad BO rubbed his sweaty armpits all over the damn things. ambaho talaga.

    now torn between removing all the seats, washing them with water and shampoo/tide


    using a spray on product that will foam up, allow me to scrub, and then vacuum.

    had a bad experience with 3M scotchguard upholstery cleaner awhile back... scrubbed and vacuumed (another car with equally stinky seats) for hours after which, andun pa din yung amoy. unlike yung na-ondoy ko na kotse na pinalaba ko talaga lahat ng seats with water... the car smelled damp for weeks after pero nung natuyo na amoy malinis na talaga.

    what do you advise? any good spray on products that will deep clean the seats which won't involve me manually removing the things?

    i don't really mind the drying time... but is it a good idea to wash the seats myself?

    car is a 2001 civic dimension btw.


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    Oct 2002
    just bring it to a detailing shop and get a complete interior detailing.

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    Apr 2004
    thanks... but i forgot to add that i'd like to go DIY on this thing.

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    Aug 2008
    Might also consider an enzyme-based cleaner to kill any bacteria that might be on the seats - products like Al's Odor Eater. You can usually find these in the pet section of stores.

stinky car seats: total wash or use spray on cleaning agent?