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    Oct 2008
    ano po ba ung mga meron ako dapat 4 me to maintain the cleanliness of my car in and out po?do i really need to buy car shampoo o pwedeng sabon and tubig na lang everytime i wash my car?!klangan pa bang bimili ng car vacuum o walisin na lang ung loob?things like that..pls help me.m a new owner..ano ba magandang pang linis sa sakay ko?tnx tnx!

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    Oct 2002
    ^^ things that are really necessary, i think:

    1. a car shampoo
    2. around three chamois
    3. around three MF towels
    4. a good sponge
    5. a good carwax
    6. cali duster
    7. a quick detailer.
    8. a small vacuum cleaner.

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    Sep 2004
    Car shampoo is a must; huwag na huwag kang gagamit ng sabong panlaba o dishwashing detergent kung ayaw mong mawala ang kinang ng oto mo. Also use chamois at the very least to wipe off water from your car. Maganda rin na meron cang car vacuum para sa interior, kung walis lang mag-iiwan pa rin ng dumi yan sa loob.

    Yung mga detailing enthusiasts dito can give better advice on the things you'll be needing. Kaya lang, baka mapagastos ka naman ng husto sa dami.

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    Jul 2006
    Thorough knowledge of the car's nooks and crannies. Otherwise you'll just be cleaning the obvious surfaces, but fail to clean the places where dirt actually accumulates.

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    May 2006
    About the California Car Duster. Mine is a bit dirty. Any good suggestions on how to properly clean it?


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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis Raines View Post
    About the California Car Duster. Mine is a bit dirty. Any good suggestions on how to properly clean it?

    The instructions that came with my CCD said we can use mild soap and water.

    I did that already, but it seems to have diminished the wax content but it still works well.

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    Sep 2006
    From calduster's website:

    Because of a special permanently baked in paraffin treatment, The Original California Dusters are made to provide years of effective service without the need for cleaning. Simply shake them out before and after each use. The "dirtier" they get the better they work.

    If you find it necessary to clean your Duster because it is too dirty or if the Duster stops lifting dust, it can be washed. You may hand wash your Duster in cold water with a mild detergent such as Woolite, then air dry. Do not use hot water to wash or hot air to dry, as heat or harsh detergent may remove the special paraffin treatment.

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    Nov 2005
    for basic carwash, a car shampoo, 2 buckets with at least 1 individual wash mitt, 2-3 MF for drying.

    assign one wash mitts for the glass windows, hood, fenders and other panels above the bumper, the other one for the bumpers and lower sides including fenders, running board etc. for drying, same procedure this time with MF towels or your choice of chamois.

    vaccum is very important para di umikot ang dust sa loob at sumingit pa sa mga singit.

    again depende sa sipag at selan mo yan. pwedeng mas marami pang kailangan. wala pang "make up" dyan or pampakinis, basic ligo pa lang yan gaya ng hanap mo.

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    Sep 2004
    Eto pa pala isang "must have" in cleaning your car in and out:

    Phone number ng Big Bert's. :D

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    Oct 2003
    gusto ko yung jell blade.

    pero essential for me:

    1. water- lots of it
    2. shampoo - not the one with wax
    3. wool mitt x2 one for upper one for lower part of car
    4. old tower MF type: for wheels, wheel well
    5. chamois - not for wiping, patong lang then lift off

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