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    Sep 2008
    Hello to all!

    Would just like to ask how to change the color of the faces of the gauges (tach and speedomeoter, fuel and temp) of my Corolla 96. For example, it's currently black. Paano ko siya papalitan para maging white?

    Also, how do i remove the face from the gauge itself? Kasi, nakaharang yung needle? Natatanggal ba talaga siya?

    Assuming na nahiwalay ko na siya (kung nagagawa man), can I just use acrylic spray paint over it, or do I have to use a special kind?

    Or, searching the net, I found several gauge faces being sold. Are there any being sold locally?

    TIA for any help.

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    Nov 2007
    are you talking about indiglo gauge sir?it's very 90's and early 2000 pa nauso,yes sir madaming nabibili niyan lalo na sa evangelista and banawe from 1,2k-2k and price range you have choices like white/black face etc.

Change Gauge Face Color