Good Day, I just want to check if you have any information or details of the specifications for the Cellular connection (handsfree) for Hyundai Starex (2007) model which is located just below the Digital Clock. I am very much eager to make use of this especially when making long drive which it can be used as handsfree connection, just want to get info if there is a ready made accessories for it (specific to cellphone brand) or if you know of any dealer selling this connection or maybe the specs and configuration if it is DIY. Just want to maximize the use of the starex accessories which is available when I bought mine, the dealer said they dont have the accessories e then the manual doesnt have any info about it. hope this will open an interest to other starex owner baka mayroon nakakaalam e pakishare na lang.... Thanks in advance guys... PS: do only starex has this dashboard panel or is it normal or standard for new vehicles????? Cesar