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    Nov 2008
    The transmission noise came back after a long drive so I decide to bring it back to Global Hub after 1000km performed by Hyundai Shaw. Their findings was that the factory gear oil viscosity was low. They tested it through dripping while both new & factory oil at room temperature. They decided to drain the gear oil replacing with a more viscous gear oil which are more adapted to temperate weather. They did several road test after replacing it with the engine warmed up & so far the noise was eliminated. It is still under observation though, however, the replacement & the work done was subjected to the 5 year warranty period, I did not pay a single centavo.

    After an hour of driving from Global to my destination (at this duration, I would hear it) , transmission sound was still normal.

    Guys with MT Accent check your MT transmission noise it's a very faint & annoying noise especially on the first & second gear, turn off radio and air conditioning so you can hear it, if your hear a very faint metal to metal noise bring it back to Hyundai

    I really hope it's permanent.

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    Aug 2011
    aba, thanks for the info. ma check mamaya sa akin pag uwi ko bukas ng umaga.

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    Jul 2007
    yan tunog ba na yan yung parang sa cymbals?

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    Nov 2008
    Slight whining noise when you push the accelerator especially on first gear & all warmed up. It's more on metal to metal whining. You have to benchmark at the time when it is most quiet and that is during the initial start because it gets annoying when engine & tranny gets all warmed up. Usually it is more audible after 20 minutes of driving. Just got home from a 40 minute trip, all up and good heard no whining yet.

    I guess I have to add PTFE gear oil treatment after 5000km, anyway, is this treatment good or bad?

M/T noise on 1st & 2nd Gear - 2011 Accent 1.4