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    Jul 2013
    Hi guys noob here, i bought a Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRDi 2009 model last year it already has about 75km on the clock, for most part i didnt have any problems with it and i can say it did live up to my expectation. The car has an immense torque to begin with, and once the turbo kicks in it can accelerate faster than any car i have owned including an old 2.0 galant., plus its an oil miser and i love using it except when the roads are bad then i will really have to baby it since the suspension may probably made out of tin cans. Anyway, a few months ago i have encountered a problem with my car. One morning when i started it the engine sound seems to be hesitating. it runs on idle but it sounds like it choking, sort of like a "chug chug chug|" sounds like an old diesel engine on a very low idle. i tried to press the gas pedal but its not responding. I have also noticed that a lot of white smokes coming out of the muffler and also on the exhaust pipe connecting the engine manifold. I called our mekaniko but he cannot understand the problem due to its complexity. the only thing that he did was tighten the bolt connecting the exhaust manifold(after the turbo) and thats it... when i restarted the engine miraculously the problem have been solved. After a month the same problem has occurred, whenever i have driven the car hard and park it overnight or when the weather is cold thats when it happens. . can you guys advise me so maybe we will be able to fix it permanently. .i know that you will tell me to bring it to a dealer and have it checked but i have gone to a dealer once and after a very expensive and thorough check they have replaced the gasket but still a month after the same exact problem came back and was also resolved the same way. . my mechanic said that the bolt has not loosen and normally hell just take the part out and put it back again it still clean so no need to clean it up. . we re still puzzled.

    hope you will be able answer the mystery.

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    Aug 2005
    Have you tried replacing e fuel filter or have the Egr cleaned?

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    Jun 2006
    yeah, sounds like you've got water in your fuel.

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issues with getz crdi start up.