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    hi guys. for all veloster owners, please join Veloster Forum : Hyundai Veloster Forums and learn more about our ride.

    i created subgroup (mabuhay hyundai veloster region) for all pinoy owners.

    nice to exchange info and experiences also from owners from all over.

    vietnam and brunei already released theirs (only asian countries aside from korea).

    australia will launch it on feb 12.

    check it out.....dami ring tips and tricks......

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    Apr 2004
    post naman ng pics ng "V" mo..

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    hi pajoz.....di ko pa nga nakikita eh. hahahaha. picture pa lang.

    i'm based kasi dito sa macau/hk region. binili ko na while im here para next week, pag uwi, drive na lang.

    i will surely post alot of pictures here by next week. will also write a detailed review just like what i did with the coolbear.

    excited na ako!!!!

    p.s. its a marathon blue veloster.

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    Mar 2008
    Congrats rockiee, naka pag decide ka na pala... have saw the orange and white one on the road... never saw a blue one... ki Pitstop ka kukuha noh....

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    xie xie wahzai!

    oo, sa pitstop ako kumuha. blue kasi wala pa nga ako nadidinig or nakikita sa mga thread na may blue dyan.

    magulo din kausap si honey ng auto access eh. pinapunta ko bank sa showroom nila for appraising the unit tapos wala daw ang unit. ginagamit yata ng may ari.

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    finally got to drive my veloster. it is awesome!!!

    here are some pictures.

    went to tagaytay yesterday.

    mods done: tint by lumar, paint protection by big bert's

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by rockiee_s View Post
    ganda ser! all i can say when the 1st time i've seen in the flesh when i pick up my sportage early this year... wow ganda naman yan, at talagang bumaba ako at nag oc. nakalimutan ko tuloy ang aking sportage.

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    a big upgrade.....

    from this:

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