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    Apr 2010

    My 2nd post
    I think I am considering Korean cars now.

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    Mar 2010
    Very Good looking car!

    I hope dumating yan dito sa Philippines..

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    Oct 2002
    Hyundai has been without a true entry-level sports coupe since the Tiburon went out of production before the turn of the decade, but the Korean will make a return appearance to the segment by the end of 2010.

    According to a report from the enthusiast site Hyundai-Blog, Hyundai will unveil the Tiburon-replacing Veloster at this fall’s Paris Motor Show. The Veloster concept made its world debut back in 2007 at the Soul Motor Show.

    Although it remains to be seen if the production car will wear the Veloster nameplate, Hyundai CEO John Krafcik has previously stated that the road-going version will be about an 80 percent representation of the show car. That means we can expect a sporty hatch, not unlike Volkswagen’s Europe-only Scirocco.

    The Veloster will likely come standard with a 140 horsepower 1.6L – promising at least 40mpg – but the Sonata’s 2.0L turbocharged engine remains possible for a performance variant. Pricing is far from confirmed, but expect a starting price below $15,000.
    Pwede! Mas mura kesa Genesis Coupe...

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    Aug 2010
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Veloster Reveal at The Detroit Auto Show. 01.10.11[/ame]

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    Apr 2008
    Looks promising, but then again, GDI engines across the line means that it isn't coming this way anytime soon...

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    Oct 2009
    whats with GDI engines thats keeping them coming here in the philippines?

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    May 2008
    +1000 Pogi Points to anyone who drives this!

    I'd love to have this in the country but am unsure how Hyundai would market it. With the gossip that Hyundai would be bringing in the Accent hatchback to the country next year, the hatchback segment of Hyundai would be quite crowded having two hatchbacks in the market. The two might cannibalize sales from each other....unless Hyundai drops the Accent hatchback and instead brings the Veloster . But I pretty much doubt that since the Accent is a 5-door while the Veloster is a coupe. As sad as it is, the fact remains that a 5-door would sell more than a coupe. Just my 2 centavos.

    HARI ignore what I just said and please bring the Veloster in the country!!!!!

    BTW Merry Christmas everyone (Sorry for the OT)

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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by harold13 View Post
    whats with GDI engines thats keeping them coming here in the philippines?
    Fuel compatibility issues.

    Future-look Genesis Coupe ba ito?

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    Apr 2007
    Actually ok naman ang GDi dito eh. Audi's FSi and BMW's.... basta yung mga gas engines nila

    Even sir Webson owns a 2011 GDi Sonata. Kung hindi naman Euro V Compliant ang GDi, pwede yan dito. Basta sundin lang ang Octane Requirement which is 95RON ata.

    Gossip about the Accent Hatch, not a gossip anymore

    Dadalahin talaga nila yan dito, early next year. Kasabay ng CRDi variants.

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    Aug 2010
    Headlights remind me of the 370Z. But I don't like the face it looks off for some reason..

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Hyundai Veloster