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    Oct 2005
    I'm just wondering kung ilang units of the current model yung na sell nila since its launching coz I hardly see a tucson on the road. Guess one big reason is the price and the available competition with the same price tag. But if they give it at less than a million, even if its a gasoline model - then we wil just have to hope na nasa 8-9 km/L combined or even better fuel consumption niya for it to be really competitive.
    Hope anyone could update us on the engine model for gas, torque, hp, etc.

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    Nov 2002
    Assuming it's a 2-liter gas engine, I'm skeptic that it's even less efficient than a RAV or CR-V 2.0. Hyundai is still slightly lagging behind in engine technology compared to the Japs. The cheaper Tucson is actually contradicting itself if it won't have the same diesel engine as the current model. With the weakening peso and increasing prices, one wants a car that's cheap to buy and maintain. A 2WD Tucson CRDi would have fitted in quite perfectly. It should be just about as efficient as a typical 1.6-liter car.

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    Aug 2004
    yup, saw it displayed kahapon. too bad nagmamadali ako kaya di ko nacheck mabuti.. M/T-888k, A/T-938k. i'll try to get pics mamaya..
    regular 5-seater lang sya but the 2nd row seats can be folded flat to accomodate more luggage..
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    Feb 2005
    Raikonen san mo nakita? Sa showroom ba o sa mall? Pag sa mall baka meron pa ngayon. Sabihin mo naman kung saan, pupuntahan ko, thanks bro..

  5. Heretic Guest
    According to Hyundai's Korean website, the 2WD Tucson VVT has a 142hp/184Nm engine. What is appaling is that its price, at least in Korea, puts it in the range of the 2WD Tucson CRDi w/ 112hp/245Nm. Granted, the CRDi may not be a speed demon, but considering our traffic and road conditions, its superior torque would have come in handy.

    I'm not so sure if the 4WD Tucson CRDi in the market right now is even a good buy. Its engine especially its turbo unit is less advanced than the Matrix CRDi VGT which only has a 1.5l displacement but capable of delivering 102hp/235Nm (some say 110hp, but I'm skeptic) versus the Tucson's 2.0l 112hp/245Nm. Even the agents that I've talked to admit that whenever they take these two for mall displays, the Matrix just leaves the Tucson behind.

    Besides, the Tucson CRDi is due for an engine and turbo replacement in early 2006. Hyundai's Korean website announced that it would have a variable geometry turbine just like the Matrix which could churn out 140hp/305Nm. Imagine shelling out 1.18M now for an automatic 4WD Tucson CRDi and then in a few months, a more capable Tucson is released.

    Manual 2WD Tucson CRDi at perhaps 900k
    Automatic 4WD Tucson CRDi at 1.18M

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    Aug 2004
    :tup: Good call.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

  7. Heretic Guest
    The Tucson's crash test results came in and it received five stars on both front and side impacts Crash Test. It also shares the same engine with the new Hyundai Coupe Hyundai Korea . Not bad for a sub-900k CUV.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by docrjay
    Raikonen san mo nakita? Sa showroom ba o sa mall? Pag sa mall baka meron pa ngayon. Sabihin mo naman kung saan, pupuntahan ko, thanks bro..
    yes, nakita ko sa mall nakadisplay yung 2WD Tucson at Matrix.. but unfortunately, it's in Pacific Mall sa Cabanatuan City. dumalaw lang kami sa mga in-laws last saturday at huminto lang sandali sa mall to buy pasalubong.. medyo nagmamadali lang kami kaya di ko nausisa mabuti yung Tucson..

    Quote Originally Posted by Heretic
    Manual 2WD Tucson CRDi at perhaps 900k
    2wd Tucson M/T * 888k, A/T * 938k..

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    Aug 2005
    Which is better, an A/T or M/T? I'm really considering this CUV for quite some times and I might get one this Friday, para makaiwas sa eVAT.

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    Oct 2002
    a/t pag sawang sawa ka na sa kakashift sa traffic dito sa pilipinas. you just have to love your transmission by changing fluids at around 30-40,000kms interval para di agad masira.

    m/t pag gipit sa pera and para sa mga gusto ng "sporty" feel

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Hyundai Tucson CRDI 2WD is in the Philippines